Man of the Match: Javier Balboa

he fact that host nation Equatorial Guinea are through to the quarterfinals of Afcon 2015 has a lot to do with attacking star Javier Balboa.

The Estoril of Portugal player took a while to get into the game, but when he did his involvement provided the spark to win the three points.

It was Balboa’s run into the 18 area that drew the foul on him and a penalty was given. Balboa stepped up to blast home the penalty in the 55th minute.

His confidence grew after the goal and he began to spray the passes and play his teammates through on goal as they searched for a second goal.

The 2-0 result arrived when Balboa crossed into the danger area and Emilio Nsue shot at goal, but it was saved and the rebound fell to Ivan Salvador who netted from close range.

Tow nil and game over. Balboa and his teammates celebrate reaching the knockout stages.