Man city still favourites despite Chelsea’s undefeated run

    The premiership as it stands can be undoubtedly seen as the most competitive, thrilling and exciting league in Europe at the moment.  The league table for the past two weeks has been a clear indication of what it can offer.  Book makers tipped Guardiola’s Manchester city  as  favourites based on their new managers achievements. Man city haven’t been that excellent and consistent as most people tipped. They have had a lot of drawn games and have been struggling to keep the grounds running. even with the games they won it was very clear they weren’t convincing. there were lots  on and off field issues with certain key players. Aguero didn’t get on soo well with his Manager, and as a result of his absence the citizens lacked firepower upfront whenever they had to kill games.

    Aguero is a natural goal scorer and that cant be taken away from him. Now pep has brought him back. The prodigal son yaya Toure has also sorted out issues with pep after a public Apology to his manager, and as result of this he has now retained his place in the team. the return of Toure sounds like a new signing to the club .and the goals he scored in his return debut tells it all that  he,s still got his Mojo. These factors still puts Man city on that favourite zone and as well one thing that makes their title challenge soo convincing is their depth in squad. Man City arguably has the biggest squad in the premiership  and as well, they have lots of options to choose from.

    Chelsea are ruthless and looks too strong to fall after a change to the 3-5-2 system. they have won 8 matches and conceaded just a goal. A very remarkable achievement. they look full of confidence towards a title challenge but the fear is that, they could fall easily if tragedy strikes. what will happen if Diego costa and Eden hazard is suspended or injured in the future? who would replace them? what about the inform and workaholic Moses? and not forgetting the nations cup is coming off in January and for a whole month Chelsea could miss Moses to his National team the super Eagles of Nigeria. who could fill that hard and difficult wing back position?is it willian? oscar or ivanovic? I believe many Chelsea Fans haven’t asked themselves all these questions. this comes back to the depth of the looks as if Chelsea don’t have enough depth in their squad which could cause that tragedy I said earlier if or when the unexpected happens and this is what makes their title challenge very  shaky.

    Liverpool on the other hand have been very fantastic. they have been really sharp upfront but  Countinho,s injury has been a big blow for themafter scan reveals that the brazillian could be out till mid January. the forward has been in blistering form since the start of the season.he has been Liverpool,s main man. And now who is going to replace him?the only option is Sturridge who is not that magical and sharp as the brazillian. even with countinho Liverpool in my opinion never had the gust for a title challenge .they always started well and then sink when their fans needed them most.3years ago was an example where they just needed a draw against Chelsea to brighten their title chances yet they blew it away. they have always lacked that maturity for a title challenge for the past decade and this is why I feel it will get worse even with countinho,s injury news.