Lewis Hamilton: My main job is done this year

Lewis Hamilton brushed off being beaten by team-mate Nico Rosberg for the fifth qualifying in a row at the Brazilian Grand Prix, saying his “main job is done”.

While Hamilton was dominant in qualifying throughout the early rounds of the season, Rosberg has hit back towards the end of the year to take the last five consecutive pole positions. When asked if he was concerned about the trend, Hamilton simply replied: “No.”

Pushed on if anything should be read in to the recent qualifying form, Hamilton said: “Not really.

“I have the most poles this season and have won the world championship. So I mean there’s nothing really to read in to it. You can’t get it perfect every single time.”

Hamilton has yet to win in Brazil, but also pointed to his world title as the reason why he is not putting too much pressure on himself to win tomorrow’s race.

“Well my main job is done this year so it’s not the most important thing, but of course that’s the target here on a circuit that I haven’t actually won at. So last year I was quite strong here in the race so I hope to carry that through to tomorrow and try to see if that will make the difference.”

And Hamilton says he was pleased with the progress he made overnight ahead of Saturday’s running having been nearly half a second slower than Rosberg in FP2 on Friday.

“It was good today. I got a really good balance for the tyre, really happy with the work that we did with the engineers. The laps were looking quite good really through Q1 and Q2, going in to Q3 I just wasn’t able to find that small bit of edge. I think in the end I didn’t maximise the first sector but the other two sectors were OK.”