King Faisal face expulsion from Ghana football

Ghana FA Executive Committee member Wilfred Osei has hinted at a possible expulsion of King Faisal for taking the association to court.

The Kumasi-based side are fighting the GFA in the normal Ghanaian court over what they believe is their unjust demotion from the Ghana Premier League.

The court action by King Faisal has barred the Ghana FA from holding its ordinary congress session – a pre-requisite for the start of the new football season.

As a result, the start of this season’s Ghanaian top flight has been postponed indefinitely with no tentative start date in sight due to the prolonged case in court.

The Ghana FA statutes prohibit members from resorting to the normal courts to seek redress but then use the internal judicial system which King Faisal say cannot be trusted.

The sanction of a possible expulsion awaits any member who flouts the statutes.

And GFA Executive Committee member Wilfred Osei says King Faisal’s move to proceed to the normal court puts them and others who have done same at risk of getting kicked out of Ghana football.

“It is for no reason that our rules seeks to prevent members from proceeding to the normal courts,” Osei told GFA TV in an exclusive interview.

“Otherwise some of us would have already been in court. If you don’t trust the internal judicial system of the GFA, why then would you want to remain a member?

“If you don’t want to drink, taste not. King Faisal have crossed that line and the law must take its course.

“King Faisal and some others who have made such moves will be put before Congress for a firm decision to be taken.

“The sanctions include expulsion so they can be kicked out of Ghana football.”

King Faisal is led by an enigmatic football figure Abdul Karim Ahmed, popularly known as Alhaji Grusah.

He veteran administrator has spent virtually his whole life in football and has been responsible for the production of some of the best footballers to come from Ghana including former Bayern Munich star Samuel Osei Kuffour.

An expulsion of his club, King Faisal will thus have damning consequences on Alhaji Grusah who has built virtually his whole life and businesses around football.