Keshi Shot Himself in the foot – Uganda Coach

Head coach of the Cranes of Uganda, Milutin Micho Sredojevic has disclosed that the head coach of the Super Eagles of Nigeria, Stephen Okechuku Keshi, shot himself in the foot by creating a lot of enemies for himself after winning the 2013 Afcon in South Africa.
According to Micho, Stephen Keshi claimed all the credit for himself for winning the 2013 Afcon and that became the genesis of the revelations of plots to get him down as has always been the practice in Africa.
In an exclusive interview with, Micho said, ” Stephen Keshi touched the sky in South Africa 2013 and wanted to take all the credit for himself for winning the Afcon. And when you do that, then you are growing enemies day by day”.
Micho added that Keshi should have known the African terrain better to have lasted longer in the managerial role of the Super Eagles after winning the Afcon.
The outspoken Serbian went on further to say that, Keshi started losing grip of the team at the World Cup in Brazil where he allowed monetary issues to take the players down which affected the team in their last game against Argentina.
“He made more enemies for himself at the World Cup too. When he won the Afcon and took all the credit, all Nigerians were watching him to succeed for them to see and there was a problem at the World Cup. So during the World Cup, structures were not put in place for him to succeed and that destroyed his entire reputation”, Micho added.
The Ugandan coach, who calls himself ‘The Lion of Africa’ however admitted in his concluding comments that Keshi is one of the finest African coaches on the continent so far.