‘Joseph Lamptey, A.S Malik’s AFCON participation great for Ghana’

When referees AS Malik and David Laryea were the Assistant referees selected by the Referees Appointment Committee of CAF for the 2013 African Cup of Nations, many Ghanaians were not happy as no center referee was appointed. However, the sound of the drum is different now as Joseph Lamptey and AS Malik have been appointed by the Referees Association of CAF for the 2015 AFCON to be stage in Equatorial Guinea.

It is upon this backdrop that Referee William Agbovi has expressed delight at the appointment of the two and has stated that getting the chance to referee at the 2015 AFCON is a motivation to Ghanaian referees.

Speaking exclusively to sportscrusader.com, Referee William Agbovi said, “It is a matter of delight and encouragement for referees in Ghana. During the last edition, only two Ghanaian assistant referees were invited and we needed to build on that. So for two Ghanaian referees to have been appointed for the event, it is a plus for us and we see it as a great source of motivation”.

“The two referees are among the CAF elite referees in the country and the appointment couldn’t have come at any better time. It is, therefore, up to us, the other referees to be motivated by that and ride on to greater heights”, he added.

The 2015 AFCON will kick off on January 17, 2015 in Equatorial Guinea.