Jose Mourinho Endorses Essien As A Responsible Person

Chelsea coach Jose Mourinho has endorsed Ghana international midfielder, Michael Essien as a responsible adult and has described him as someone into whose care he can entrust his family.

He made the comment some months ago when has was asked by CNN sports correspondent, Pedro Pinto.

According to Mourinho, he is someone who does not like to talk about his private life as a lot of people translate the Mourinho they see on the field of play to the Mourinho they know in private and that does not amuse him at all.

He, however, made it clear that even though us a private man socially, he will be able to entrust his family in the care of the Ghanaian since he knows how responsible he is.

In an interview with Pedro Pinto of CNN, Mourinho was asked who he will chose amongst the players he has worked with to take care of his babies and he mentioned the Ghanaian.

Pedro Pinto asked, “If I ask you to choose one guy to take care of your babies, who would you choose?

Sportscrusader-Michael Essien-Estranged Stars Duo Win 2014 Tim Trofeo
Mourinho answered, “Essien. Yes Essien, because he is responsible. He is funny and he smiles all the time”.

This seems to have come as an endorsement to the hospitable nature of Ghanaians which has become the common gospel of every non-Ghanaian and the ex-Chelsea bison is likely to be amused by his dad’s comments about him.