Jordan Will Always Perform Better When Dede is not in the Team – Togo Coach

The man of the match performance displayed by Jordan Ayew in Wednesday’s game against the Hawks of Togo has compelled Togolese coach, Tchakala Tchanile, to hint that Jordan’s performance shall always be the best in the absence of his older brother, Andre Ayew on the field.
According to Tchakala, Jordan always feels like a little boy when he is playing with his brother but he puts up splendid performances when his brother is not around.
Speaking exclusively to after the Ghana-Togo game, Tchakala said, “Look, let me tell you something, Jordan was too special in this game and I will tell u why. Watch the boy very well. Whenever he plays along with his brother, he feels he is still a little boy since his senior brother is around.”
“But when the brother is not around, he plays to show that even if his brother is not around, he is ready to carry thebteam on his shoulders. He is a great player”, he added.
Tchakala believes that Jordan is an exceptional talent who must be nurtured to realize his full potential.