Jamaica’s Veronica Campbell-Brown runs in wrong lane in 200m heat in Beijing

Jamaican sprinter Veronica Campbell-Brown left fans bewildered as she ran almost half the 200m in the wrong lane without being disqualified at the World Athletics Championships in Beijing.

Campbell-Brown began the race in lane five, only to veer over into lane six as she came into the home straight and win the heat comfortably.

Great Britain’s Margaret Adeoye must have been shocked to find herself running behind a rival, but she was trailing Campbell-Brown by a sufficient distance to satisfy officials that she was not impeded.

With Adeoye a safe distance behind Campbell-Brown, the Jamaican was not disqualified and her win in the heat was upheld. Rules state that an athlete shall not be disqualified for running in an outer lane if no other athlete is obstructed.

Campbell-Brown, a three-time Olympic champion, went on to win the heat in 22.79sec, while Adeoye was left gesticulating at the Jamaican as she crossed the line.

Fortunately for Adeoye she still managed to finish third, booking her place in the semi-finals with a time of 23.10sec.

Still, it was a thoroughly bizarre situation and not something fans often see at major championships.