Inzaghi: AC Milan must also win bad games

The former Italy international has urged his team to grind out results in difficult matches as well and he was pleased with their Coppa Italia win

Filippo Inzaghi has stressed that AC Milan must also start winning the games they play badly if they are to compete with the big teams this campaign.

The San Siro side recorded a hard-fought 2-1 win over Sassuolo on Tuesday to book their ticket for the quarter-finals of the Coppa Italia, but they failed to get a similar result in recent Serie A games where they struggled against Torino and Sassuolo.

“Big sides have to know how to win even when they are playing badly,” Inzaghi told Milan Channel.

“When we play well, we win well. However, if we don’t play well, we’re often not able to get a result.

“The second half against Sassuolo and first half against Torino weren’t up to the standard of our expectations. It’s not always easy to play well, so we have to win in other ways. This is what we have to improve on.”

Inzaghi then went on to voice his satisfaction with Tuesday’s win and is already looking forward to the league game versus Atalanta.

“We deserved to win. It’s hard to react after conceding a penalty like the one they awarded against us. We dealt with it well and found the winning goal.

“We’re happy to progress but let’s now think about Atalanta.”