Investors win appeal to access Barca & Neymar key documents

Brazilian investment fund Teisa has won the right to access documentation on Neymar’s 2013 transfer from Santos to Barcelona, after a judge ruled that the group may have been cheated by misleading figures.

The group held 5 percent of Neymar’s economic rights while at Santos, and could be entitled to a greater share of the fee if, as alleged, the transfer’s real value was in fact much higher than publically stated.

Neymar’s lawyers had previously appealed a similar ruling, which gives Teisa the possibility of seizing material related to the lucrative move, four months ago, postponing its implementation.

But Sao Paulo magistrate Gilson Ferreira, of the 2nd Civil Chamber, dismissed the appeal motion and confirmed the original sentence.

“Despite what appears in the contracts, there is strong evidence that the real value involved in the transfer has in fact been hidden by those directly participating in the deal, with the aim of harming Teisa,” Ferreira signalled in his ruling.

Teisa will now have access to seven documents included in the subpoena originally filed.

The news constitutes a new legal headache for Neymar, who is also dealing with accusations of tax evasion from Brazilian authorities dating back to his time at Santos.

The country’s Revenue Service has frozen 188 million Reais (€42.75m) in assets belonging to the player, and even confiscated a luxury car, as the investigation continues.