Invest In The National Team Coaches – Mallam Yaya

Personal development has been one of the shortcomings of our various national team coaches, not least the youthful coaches.

The world of football is an ever changing field with many variations required on daily basis, if you can stay abreast with your colleagues in the business.

The evolution of football is manifested in the change of roles from say a right back or left back to wing backs or central defenders into sweepers. Football is evolutionary and must be followed as such.

The multi-million question put forward by Ghanaian football followers is, are our local coaches updated with the modern trends of the game? If they are not, who is responsible for updating them?

Remember, Ghana Education Service (GES) organizes workshops and seminars for its members on the new trends of education, so as to improve the delivery of lessons and teaching aids.

In an interview with Mallam Yaya, a former black stars player, he stressed on the need for the GFA to invest in the local coaches, especially those heading the various national teams. According to him, “investing in the national team coaches is like a life time investment, as it will come back to improve the performance of the average Ghanaian footballer”.

The essence of improving our local coaches, can be equated to any financial institution organizing seminars for its workers, as these same coaches will in turn impart their updated skills on the players.

With no coaching seminarian owned by the FA, it only a prerogative on the part of the GFA to invest on the technical aspect of the locally based coaches, either by sending them to European clubs for attachments or inviting refined minds in the business for talk shows.

The national team will benefit from such programs as the long success will be seen on the pitch rather than building mansions and spending extravagant amounts on winning bonuses.

The few workshops attended by Kwesi Appiah, especially his Manchester trips reflected on his team selections and how to handle egos at camp.

Why not increasing the horizon to the under-17, under-20 or the female national team coaches?
When asked about his plans for the local coaches, Mallam insisted on team work rather than chastising and hypocrisy amongst the various coaches.

He stressed on the issue of togetherness rather than individual aspirations. He cited instances where some sections of the local coaches speak ill of each other, not because of bad performances but because they were over ruled in the selection process.

The simple question Mallam rhetorically asked was, “so assuming the coach in question also chooses to avenge when the outspoken ones get selected?”

Like a jewellery coaching knowledge from today may not be applicable next season, as the rules and formations might over shadow say your traditional 4-4-2 to a diamond tree formation.

The duties of the FA must not be eccentric on league organization or qualification of our various national teams for continental or global assignments only.

Mallam Yaya was speaking to pressmen ahead of the announcement of the black stars squad for the 30th edition of the nation’s cup.