IFAB to decide on use of fourth substitute for extra-time

The game’s law setters are due to meet at the end of the month with the triple punishment, “sin bins” and video replays also up for discussion

The International Football Association Board (IFAB), the body that determines the laws of the game, will discuss the addition of a fourth substitute in extra time when it meets at the Culloden Hotel, Craigavad, near Belfast for its 129th annual general meeting on February 28.

Fifa, on behalf of its member associations and confederations, has presented to the IFAB a proposal to amend Law 3 which would see the maximum number of substitutes permitted in a match to be increased to four in extra time from the current limit of three.

The IFAB is also expected to rule on “triple punishment” stemming from a proposal from Uefa to amend Law 12 which governs this issue.

The implementation of video replays for the benefit of officials, the display of messages of any kind as well as the use of electronic performance and tracking systems will also be discussed. The FA of Wales has also tabled a proposal on Law 12 relating to handling the ball.

US Soccer has put forward a proposal for “stopping the clock” which will also be discussed while other issues on the agenda include returning substitutes in grassroots/recreational football as well as “sin bins” in recreational youth football.

Two new panels, the football advisory panel and the technical advisory panel, will also present their feedback in regard to the proposed amendments.