I hope Wayne Rooney doesn’t break my England record next, says Peter Shilton

Legendary England goalkeeper Peter Shilton believes Wayne Rooney has a great chance of pinching the England international cap record.

Shilton, a mainstay of the England set-up from the 1970s to the 1990s, currently holds the England appearances record with 125 caps.

Rooney, who beat Bobby Charlton’s goalscoring record when he netted his 50th for the country on Tuesday night, is not far behind on 107.

And given that he does not turn 30 until next month, Rooney seems likely to break Shilton’s record assuming he stays fit and in the side.

“I wouldn’t want to see it go, because I’m very proud of it. But I’m a great believer in that you get what you deserve,” said Shilton.

“If Wayne does it, I’ll be the first one to shake his hand.”

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The veteran goalkeeper suggested that it is not a foregone conclusion, however, cautioning the Manchester United striker that he has to keep on performing.

If not, Shilton suggested that Rooney would be discarded at the start of the 2018 World Cup qualifying campaign.

“If England don’t do well in the Euros, I think any manager would have to start thinking about planning for the next World Cup,” Shilton said at Soccerex.

“If he did get the record, it would mean England were doing well and everyone would be happy.

“If England do really well in the Euros, he may have a chance of the record.”

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