How Real Madrid Went Trophyless

    By Kofi Ampon Gyasi

    After going a whole season without a trophy the Los Blancos ended up firing their manager Carlo Ancelotti. Just one year after guiding the team to their 10th European glory. Football today can be very sarcastic, no stability and no assurance in terms of managerial positions.

    It was very obvious the Italian tactician did his best at least he redeemed the image of the Los Blancos since they have been unable to clinch the LA DECIMA since still comes as a shock to every soccer fan but these are part of the dynamics in the game.

    Many reasons could be outlined as part of the team’s downfall this season. Ancelotti has always been seen as the peace maker and a very timid Real Gentleman. That really had a negative impact on his job at a point where he should have hit hard the nail with the hammer. Real Madrid has always been one of the hottest positions to occupy as a coach as firing and hiring has always been the order of the day.

    The power struggle in the team was too hot for Carlo to handle. The same team that won the champions league last season looked devoid of confidence this time.

    Lack of Unity must have played its part in this team where it was obvious and even on the field of play. The Cristiano Ronaldo Supremacy was a hanging thread on this team.

    From the day Gareth Bale stepped foot at the Bernabeu things started turning sour for the Portuguese international, insecurity and inferiority complex played it part after the Record signing of the welsh man from a point in time it seems like all the odds were against the Welshman and that made his journey a very lonely one .on many occasions Cristiano Ronaldo seemed furious whenever Gareth Bale failed to give him a pass. That was a first sign that showed that Danger was indeed looming ahead.

    Out of 18 points from the top three teams in the la Liga the Los Blancos could only grab a maximum 4points from the six matches they played against these teams (Barcelona, Atletico Madrid and Valencia) and that wasn’t enough to win the la Liga. Deriving points from the top three teams is always important to a title challenge, this is exactly what Ancelotti and his men failed to do.