Helen Joseph tops IBF world ratings

She has dominated #1 world ranking for a year and now that she prepares for the world diadem against American Princess Jennifer Han, nothing has been taken for chances here!

The February ranking also saw a number of African greats on the IBF Intercontinental List and this including but not limited to;

Ilunga Makabu from DRC Congo is rated at #4 in the Cruiserweight division while Vikapita Meroro of Namibia is rated at # 10 in the same weight. Another Congo man Doudou Ngumbu is rated at # 12 in the Light heavyweight division.

South African Chris Van Heerden is rated at # 2 in the welterweight division while Julius Indogo of Namibia is rated at # 5 in the Jr. Welterweight division respectively.

Tunisian Hedi Slimane take #13 in the Lightweight division while Richard Commey of Ghana in the same division as #1. Comemy is now rated at #10 in the IBF world ratings respectively. Another Ghanaian Maxwell Awuku is rated at # 9 in the Jr. Lightweight division.

Former IBF International Featherweight King, Gottlieb Ndokosho from Namibia is rated at # 6 in the featherweight division while another Namibian Sakaria Lucas is rated at # 11 in the same division.

Qatari Kid Galahad is rated at # 2 in the Jr. Featherweight division while Immanuel Naidjala from Namibia is rated at # 4 and Ghanaian Duke Micah is rated at # 13 in the bantamweight division.

Credit: IBF Africa