Hearts of Oak manager reveals details on unpaid salaries

Hearts of Oak manager Kenichi Yatsuhashi has denied reports claiming he refused to accept his salary because he wants a raise.

The head coach of the Accra based Ghana Premier League team touched on a number of issues in a statement released on his Facebook page on Sunday, April 17, 2016.

Kenichi, who took charge of Hearts of Oak at the start of the season and has made some significant changes to the side also denied reports linking him to the Asante Kotoko vacant permanent coach position after David Duncan was asked to step aside.

Kenichi Yatsuhashi’s post on his official Facebook page read:

“There have been several articles on the media about my situation with Hearts of Oak. I am very happy that a lot of journalists shows interests in my situation, and I would like to add few comments, so that readers will know accurate facts.

“1st, my salaries were unpaid for two months, for February 2016 salary and March 2016 salary, as of 4th of April 2016. I have a bank statement to back it up.

“Normally, I do not tell how much my salary is, but there have been articles claiming how much my monthly salary is, or was and has been changed to. So, I see there is a need.

“My monthly salary is, and it has always been since I arrived here in Ghana, for $2,000 USD per month. Not less and not more. I have received the salaries for November 2015, December 2015, and January 2016 as of 4th of April 2016.

“Our players salaries and promised winning bonuses are unpaid, and our assistant coaches have not received their salaries and winning bonuses for few months. I was told by players and assistant coaches that it reached the point they can’t carry on any longer, understandably.

“I had a meeting with the board on Monday 3rd of April and asked to pay for our players and assistant coaches. Since then, nevertheless, our players and assistant coaches have not been paid. However, the management people tried to pay me.

“I refused to accept my unpaid salary and told them several times that they must pay our players and our assistant coaches 1st before they pay me.

“My refusal to accept my unpaid salary has nothing to do with that I am unhappy with how much my salary is. It is untrue that I am refusing my unpaid salary because I want to raise my salary.

“I believe my salary reflects my work on the pitch.

“Moreover, I am very happy with our current players, and I never requested to buy new players. We have a scouting directors who is working with me, and we will have a discussion on new signings at appropriate moment, but we have not come to that point yet.

“It is also not true that I have been contacted by Kotoko. Kotoko is one of two biggest football clubs in Ghana, and I respect them.

“However, my heart is with Accra Hearts of Oak. My motivation is our Hearts supporters; as long as the supporters of Hearts support me and trust me to guide our club to success, I will do and have always done my best.

“The road is a long winding road; there are hills and rivers we must climb and we must swim, but I believe, together with our supporters, we can over come any set backs and difficulties we may face.

“I thank our supporters. Without them, I wouldn’t be here today.

“Never say die, “

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