Hearts of Oak launch Executive Group in colourful ceremony

Hearts of Oak have launched its Executive Group of prominent and affluent personalities to support the club with their expertise and wealth.

The launch was done by Executive Board Chairman Togbe Afede XIV at a ceremony held at the Accra International Conference Center on Monday.

The group comprises mainly of professionals who are ardent followers of the club.

They are expected to augment the club’s decision-making with their wealth of knowledge.

They are also to help raise funds to help the club run its various innovative projects.

The Executive Group will become the prestige supporters’ wing of the club and will be entitled to VIP treatment and other benefits during the club’s activities.

Executive Board chairman Togbe Afede said the launch was part of the club’s new strategy to cater for all categories of its supporters.

“This is one of several projects we have drawn to ensure that we capture and strengthen our support base,” he said.

“We want to run Hearts of Oak like how some of the best clubs in the world are run.

“We also want to ensure we create room for all manner of our supporters and followers to make meaningful contribution to the club.”

An amount of GHS 500.00 is required to register as a member of the Hearts of Oak Executive Group.

The group members will be making monthly payments as dues to support the club’s activities.