Hamilton: Someone doesn’t want me to win

In an astonishing post-race outburst following his retirement at the Malaysia GP, Lewis Hamilton has placed the blame for the withdrawal squarely on the shoulders of his Mercedes team.

Although many things are said in the heat of the moment, Hamilton’s tirade was so pointed that it left no one in any doubt as to the direction of his ire.

“It’s very difficult to find something positive to say and my questions are for Mercedes.. somebody has to give me an answer because it’s not acceptable.”

“There are other cars that have Mercedes engines but only mine have been failing.”

Before the British drivers enforced retirement, he had looked odds-on for an easy victory.

“Everything was going well, great pace, the tyres were fine and I was pulling away then suddenly it’s all over.

“I couldn’t believe it.

“This year there have been many decisive races and this was one of them.

“It seems that someone doesn’t want me to win, but I won’t give up.

“I’lI pull myself together and get ready for next weekend.”

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