Great Olympics profiled ahead of the 2014/15 League season

The return of the traditional Oly
The beauty of any football league comes with the presence of a community based clubs or just a traditional club in the top flight. If West Ham in England, Athletic Bilbao in Spain or Borrusia Dortmund in Germany can take that claim in the European leagues, then Great Olympics deserves that accolade locally.

Joining the league on its inaugural season, Great Olympics has gone on to win the domestic crown on two occasions in the 1970s, though their inconsistent performances of late can be attributed to player exodus. The departure of Micheal Ocansey as their lead player in recent seasons means the golden era of the ever fearsome Olympics machinery have been left behind.

Their league records have been nothing short of outstanding as only the dreaded duo of Asante Kotoko and Hearts of Oak can better Olympics league record. Their 1970 successful league campaign was replicated 4 years later when they beat the duo of Kotoko and Hearts to the league for the second time in 3 years.

Their relationship with the league goes deeper than just 90 minutes of exhilarating actions, as Olympics spices up the league.

With terms like Oli Mahye, Oli Dade, Oli Gbogbo and Oli Nkonsonkonson, you are forced to see the impact of one of the survivors of the inaugural league campaigners. Their league history on the Ghanaian topflight are seen below

Played 1,204 league matches
Won 488 matches
• Drawn 357 matches
• Lost 359 matches
• Scored 1, 648 goals
• Conceded 1,265 goals
• Amassed 1, 470 points
• Champions on 2 occasions
• Runner up on 5 occasions
• Second runners up on 4 occasions
• Fourth place finish on 8 occasions
• Outside the top 4 on 28 different occasions
• Relegated on 3 occasions

With their current crop of players and how they qualified to the Premier League in such a dominant manner, one may be forced to rule them out of the relegation battle. The Accra based premier league side may just prime at the time the league is in crisis.

Expectation from fans
Having been made to be used to division one league matches than premier league matches, the fans of Accra Great Olympics might just be comfortable with a mid table position or simply avoiding another relegation palaver.

Having been relegated in almost their first qualification season in recent seasons, Great Olympics fans will be happy realizing their Premier League status has been maintained for the 2014/15 league campaign.

Their star player might be the team as a whole but never rule another discovery from the mysterious Great Olympics for their unpredictability.
Are they ready to replicate their form of the 70s or the 21st century that saw associated with division football?

Oly Dade!
Oly Mahye!!
Oly Gbogbo!!!
Oly Konkonson!!!!
All the best for the 2015 season.