Gov’t – No $100,000 Fee for Back Stars

Black Stars players will receive more than the $100, 000 dollars or less as appearance fees in subsequent World Cups based on the new proposal and consideration by government.

The three-man Commission of Inquiry that looked into the issues of the Brazil 2014 World Cup in its report recommended that the State should allocate US$100,000.00 for each player of the 23 players.

But government in its White Paper disagreed and proposed that a percentage of the appearance fee paid by FIFA be paid to the players instead.

“Government is of the view that pegging the appearance fee at a maximum of US$100,000.00 has the effect of permanently freezing the fee at that level to the disadvantage of the players when the fees go up…”

“…Government is of the view that the better approach is to fix the maximum appearance fee payable to the players as a percentage of the appearance fee paid by FIFA. Using the 2014 total appearance fee of US$8 million out of which US$100,000.00 was eventually paid to each player, this works out to1.25%. This should be the maximum amount allocated for each player of the 23 players. Out of this amount, the negotiated amount to be paid to each player should not exceed 60%. Government so directs.”

However, the White Paper rejected the submission that the remaining balance in the World Cup Players Appearance Fee Account” after paying the players “should be divided equally amongst the 23players.

But rather the amount be used on projects of the players choice .