Goalkeeper Joseph Halm wants fresh start with Olympics

Former SC Medeama goalkeeper Joseph Halm has told Sportscrusader.com he is determined to use Great Olympics to open a new chapter in his football career.
The agile goalkeeper who joined the premier league returnees during the transfer window says he has one sole mission, and that is, to be counted among one of the very best goalkeepers in the country by the end of the 2014/2015 season.
“Last year wasn’t too good for me because I had a few problems with my former team with regard to gaining enough playing time, and that had me very worried. But I have another chance to prove myself and that is why I happily jumped unto the Great Olympics
offer”, Halm told sportscrusader.com.
“I believe in my abilities and I think Great Olympics will offer me the opportunity to bring my career back on track. It’s always sad to note that when the names of good goalkeepers are being mentioned or being considered for national team assignments, some of us are not included. This is one of the things I want to change in the coming season”
Halm is likely to be in post when the Ghana premier league kicks off on January 18. Olympics will face Ashgold in match day one of the league campaign.