Ghana coach reclaimed his cheque after earlier rejection

Ghana coach Avram Grant has reclaimed his cheque from the Ministry of Sports after earlier rejecting the financial order for being signed in the local cedi currency.

The 61-year-old was issued a cheque as winning bonus after leading the Black Stars to a 3-1 triumph over Mozambique in the 2017 Africa Cup of Nations qualifiers, but he later returned the cheque upon realising it was in local currency.

“The coach is paid in two folds – his salary which is catered for by GNPC in dollars and winning bonuses paid by us [Ministry of Sports],” Nii LanteVanderpuije, Ghana’s Minister for Sports, explained to MontieFM.

“We don’t spend dollars in Ghana; it is cedis we deal with. We cannot go and convert into another currency for him [Grant].

“He rejected it [cedi cheque] but yesterday, I was informed by my accountant that he had sent someone to come for the cheque. I even told them to make him sign a note on that to avoid any unforeseen troubles.

“In fact, I was deciding on diverting the amount [on the cheque] to pay off some monies owe the Black Queens, so that when Grant later demands the money, we tell him we were as yet to get the money for him in dollars.

“But he was lucky to have sent someone to take the cheque just about the time we were holding the meeting. My deputy and other members resolved we gave it to him [and end the episode].”

Per his contract, Grant is entitled to receive twice the amount the playing body are entitled to.

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