GFA denies allegation on Muntari’s letter

The Deputy General Secretary in charge of Communications of the Ghana Football Association (GFA), Ibrahim Saanie Daara has denied allegations in the media that Sulley Muntari’s letter of apology to his outfit was rejected.

He said the report is false adding that nothing of that nature has happened at the GFA.
According to Saanie Daara, Sulley has sent countless number  of such letters to the FA and that he knows the appropriate route to channel his letters, so for the report to have suggested that he gave the letter to his brother who sent it to the FA and was rejected, can never be true.
Speaking to, Saanie said, “Sulley Muntari never brought any letter. Any voice you hear is false and a plot. Ask the gentleman who brought the letter to tell you where he took the letter and who he met? On all the occasions that Sulley had brought those letters, Alex Asante is the one who receives them. Why this gentleman when Alex is still around.  We never had any letter.

“Every Black Stars player knows how to send a letter to the FA, either by email or in person. The Secretary is there. He could receive and file it and forward it to the appropriate quarters. Better still, all the players know Alex Asante is in charge of such letters. So why this new person?”

Meanwhile, Alhaji Grunsah has already hinted that he doubts whether Muntari will send such a letter.