GFA Congress amend controversial point-docking rule

The Ghana FA’s Congress has changed its sanction for failure to attend a pre-match technical meeting from forfeiture into a fine.

Article 34(J) of the General Regulations saw clubs forfeit matches – essentially lose points – for failure to appear before the pre-match technical meeting where the strips of the competing teams are to be presented for inspection by match officials.

This rule has caused massive controversy in Ghana football with clubs suffering point deductions to affect their standings on league tables – sometimes even resulting in relegation of clubs.

But after a heated debate on the floor of congress; majority of delegates at Congress voted in favour of the amendment while two voted against it.

The amendment has consequently been adopted which means clubs will now be fined for failing to appear at a pre-match technical meetings rather than being docked points.

Congress however did not determine the magnitude of the fine to be handed offending clubs.

The Executive Committee have thus been armed to take the decision.