Germany based boxing coach cautions Black Bombers

Former Ghana Middleweight champion, Ray Opoku has advised trainers of the national amateur boxing team, Black Bombers to work on the speed and defence of the boxers as they intensify preparations for September’s All Africa Games.

Opoku who is now based in Dusseldorf, Germany and training a team of amateur boxers, was reacting after watching scenes from the Black Bombers’ training grounds in our weekly magazine show, Dornu’s Corner last week (video below).

“I think the coaches need to work more on the speed and defence of the boxers because from what I see in the video, they lack those skills which is not good at all. If you don’t do it in training, you can’t take it to the real fight,” Ray Opoku told via phone from his Germany base.

“You can see a lot of them hitting without proper defence. There is this girl hitting the punching bag, you can see that her ribs and everything is open, no defence. They only punch without thinking the opponent can also hit back,” the former Ghana Middleweight champion explained.

Opoku whose career spanned the 1970s and early 80s is also concerned about the speed of Team Ghana as he observed from our video.

“Amateur boxing now uses electronic counter to score points. Without speed, you can’t make points on the electronic counter so if you haven’t got the speed, the opponent will go away. I didn’t see much speed from their workouts,” he pointed out.

Aside training the amateur team, Opoku also trains some professionals like lawyers and doctors who do the workouts for for fitness.

Meanwhile, you can watch the Black Bombers training in Dornu’s Corner again in the video below:::