‘Gameboy’ insists he is ready for world title

Boxer Emmanuel Tagoe also known as the ‘Gameboy’ has told Sportscrusader.com that he is ready for a major World title fight.

His assertion is a sharp contradiction to that of his coach who recently told sportscrusader.com that his boxer is not ready for a World title shot.

Tagoe said the views of his coach are wide off the mark.

The boxer who beat Tanzanian Sadiki Momba last Friday in the WBA Intercontinental Lightweight Championship, in an interview with sportcrusader.com mentioned that although he agrees with his coach on the need to improve his training, he has no doubt in his mind that he is ready for a world title fight and he believes the new year will offer
him that opportunity.
“He is the coach and what he is saying is what he has observed about me. But I want to assure him that what I said prior to the Momba fight is true and that I am going to win Ghana a world title this year irrespective of the number of fights that are lined up for me.”
“It has been a while and I am very confident in my abilities and know what I can do. I agree with him that I need to up my training among other things, but I still believe that this new year will afford me that opportunity and once it does I know I will grab it.”, the ‘Gameboy’ told sportscrusader.com