Game Boy not ready for world title yet

Boxing trainer Emmanuel Teiko says newly crowned WBA intercontinental Lightweight champion, Emmanuel Tagoe, is not ready for a world title shot for now.
According to the experienced trainer, Game boy will need about 2 to 3 world class bouts before he can consider a world title fight.
Many have called for a world title bout for ‘Ghana’s Mayweather,’ but his trainer Emmanuel Teiko says, his boxer will need to up his game if he wants to make a mark and get a world title bout in the new future.
“My boxer is one of the best boxers in the country, but I think that for now he needs to train more, discipline himself a lot more before we can consider a world title bout.
“He can say he is ready because he is hungry for success, but in boxing you need to take one step at a time”.
“I believe that a time will come when he will get the world title bout, but we are being cautious and taking one fight at a time”.