Fury unrepentant over sexism storm

Tyson Fury has hit out at his critics, claiming the people who have signed a petition calling for him to be removed from the BBC’s Sports Personality of the Year shortlist are “50,000 w******”.

The new heavyweight world champion has come in for much condemnation after footage emerged of him making a string of seemingly sexist remarks, including the suggestion that Olympic heptathlon champion Jessica Ennis-Hill “slaps up good”.

Fury had previously sparked controversy with apparent homophobic comments in a newspaper interview prior to his shock win over Wladimir Klitschko, and an online petition has been set up protesting against his inclusion on the Sports Personality of the Year shortlist.

More than 55,000 people had signed the petition by Sunday morning, but Fury remained unrepentant in an interview with iFL TV, which he shared via his official Twitter account.

“Fifty thousand w****** – that’s what I say about them. And if anybody else wants to add to them, they can add to the numbers, can’t they,” said the 27-year-old.

“They can say what they want about me, but they can’t knock my achievement, can they? I beat the man [Klitschko] who nobody could beat, so until somebody can go in and beat him again – 23 title defences – then they can suck my b***s. How about that for a bit of heavyweight champion talking?”

Addressing his comments about fellow Sports Personality of the Year nominee Ennis-Hill, Fury suggested he was unaware of why anyone would take offence, before going on to express views that are likely to attract further criticism.

He added: “If giving a woman a compliment saying she looks good in a dress is bad, then I’ll just repeat it again. Women look good in dresses. Women look good in dresses. Shall I say it one more time? Women look good in dresses.

“Men don’t look good in dresses, women do. Is that bad? Why is that bad? Are sportswomen not allowed to look nice in dresses? Are they not allowed to do that? Do they have to be treated like men all the time?

“What’s the sexist comments? Which part of ‘a woman looks good in a dress’ was sexist? Or was it about the cooking and cleaning? That’s right, I stand up for my beliefs.

“My wife’s there, her job is cooking and cleaning, looking after these kids, that’s it. No other. She does get to make some decisions – what she’s going to cook me for tea in a bit when I get home. That’s the decisions she gets to make.

“That’s just my beliefs, just like I believe in the Lord Jesus Christ as my Lord and saviour. And if anybody wants to dispute that, let them do it. Am I bothered? No.

“People should look up to me, young kids. I am a good role model, I show how men should really be, real men. And kids can take note from that.”