FULL TIME: Equatorial Guinea 0-0 Burkina Faso

  • Equatorial Guinea 0-0 Burkina Faso: The referee brings an end to proceedings, with the competition hosts looking rather happy about securing a point. Burkina Faso were undoubtedly the better side and created more clear chances, as Alain Traore twice hit the post, while Bertrand Traore and Pitroipa both went close. However, their poor finishing and apparent bad luck counted against them in the end, as their chances of reaching the quarter-finals is now out of their hands.
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    This clash seems to be petering out now. Equatorial Guinea are holding firm, rarely looking to attack as they seem to have their eye on a point. They’re almost there.
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    There will be three minutes added on here.
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    BURKINA FASO ESCAPE! Koffi, who has been generally quite good, completely misses his clearance and the ball almost drops for Nsue, but Yago is there to bail out his team-mate.
  • 88′
    Fabiani causes problems again at the corner, as he stands right next to the goalkeeper. Sanou manages to deal with it fairly well, though, punching it away.
  • 87′
    Good play by the huge Fabiani. The big centre-forward manages to get past Koffi down the outside, but he is forced to settle for a corner as the right-back recovers well.
  • 85′
    Bold move from Becker. Balboa joins Kike and Edu, two of the hosts’ most creative players, in being substituted. Fabiani enters the fray.
  • 84′
    SubstitutionJavier Balboa Raul Fabiani
  • 83′
    Off goes Pitroipa now, with the tricky midfielder not really having his best game. Nakoulma takes his place.
  • 82′
    SubstitutionJonathan Pitroipa Préjuce Niguimbé Nakoulma
  • 82′
    Here is Equatorial Guinea’s latest change. Former Spain Under-21 international comes on for Doualla, who has troubled Burkina Faso in the second half.
  • 81′
    SubstitutionEnrique Boula Senobua Bolado
  • 80′
    Risky goalkeeping from Sanou there. He comes out to deal with a lofted pass played up from the back and heads it away. However Seno is on hand to take up possession, but they cannot exploit the situation.
  • 78′
    EQUATORIAL GUINEA ESCAPE! Alain Traore picks the ball up in a deep position and drives forward, before passing forward to Bance. The forward holds it up well after charging towards the penalty area, before teeing up his team-mate for a return pass. He can’t get his eventual effort on target, though.
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    We have less than 15 minutes to go now. Burkina Faso remain in the ascendancy and are starting to get Bance involved a little more. Can Equatorial Guinea hold on?
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    PITROIPA! Another Koffi cross from the right isn’t dealt with by the Equatorial Guinea defence and Pitroipa brings it down. He produces a bit of a shimmy and then cuts on to his right foot, blasting just over the bar.
  • 73′
    WHAT A CHANCE! Equatorial Guinea produce a fine counterattack at immense speed. Kike Seno charges down the left, gets into the area and, even when a pass to two better-placed team-mates opens up, the midfielder blasts over. Such a waste.
  • 72′
    And there is the first change of the match. Surprisingly Edu is the one to make way, with 35-year-old Juvenal on in his place.
  • 71′
    SubstitutionIban Salvador edu Juvenal
  • 71′
    We are back underway now as Gouo gets his medical attention and comes back on to the pitch. Zarandona is then swiftly penalised for a crunching challenge on Pitroipa in the middle of the pitch.
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    WE have a bit of a pause in play now as Gouo seeks medical attention after a slight clash with Randy. It doesn’t appear to be too serious, though.
  • 67′
    Burkina Faso will be hoping to see a lot more of that from Bance. One of their key men on their route to the final two years ago, the powerful forward has been very quiet so far today.
  • 65′
    Unconvincing goalkeeping there by Ovono! Bance powers his towards the area, holding off the challenge of Zarandona before shooting from 20 yards. The keeper makes the save, but he spills the ball.
  • 63′
    Free-kick now for Equatorial Guinea, though they are somewhat lucky as Balboa tries a fancy flick and messes it up, with Kabore on hand to steal the ball back. But he seemed to accidentally catch the former Real Madrid man and is penalised.
  • 61′
    Half chance for Equatorial Guinea there. Doualla fires in a corner towards the back post and Nsue, who peeled away from his marker is there to meet it with a volley, though his attempt is smashed well over the crossbar.
  • 59′
    The pattern for the remaining half-an-hour appears to be set; Burkina Faso are enjoying all the pressure, driving forward without hesitation. However, Equatorial Guinea are posing a threat of their own on the break.
  • 57′
    GREAT OPPORTUNITY FOR THE HOSTS! Doualla appears to be guilty of committing a foul on the edge of his own area, but with no free-kick given, Equatorial Guinea break with speed. The midfielder eventually finds himself played into the right side of the area by Balboa, only for him to miss the target while off balance.
  • 55′
    ALAIN TRAORE BLAZES OVER! Koffi is proving to be a threat now with his crossing and again his delivery finds its way through to the left side of the area, where Traore is on hand to blast a volley just over.
  • 53′
    It’s all Burkina Faso now. They are stroking the ball around with admirable composure, putting together countless one-touch passing moves, but Equatorial Guinea remain a threat on the break. This time, though, Nsue can’t quite latch on to a long ball from the back, as Sanou collects on the edge of his area.
  • 51′
    BURKINA FASO GO CLOSE! Koffi crosses in from the right this time and his delivery is nodded back into the danger area for Alain Traore, but he can’t quite bundle it from close range thanks to the presence of Rui and Mbele.
  • 50′
    Equatorial Guinea have penalty claims rejected by the referee. Doualla did well as he got into the final third, raced into the area and then cut on to his left foot. However, when anticipating contact with Kone, the midfielder went to ground despite not being touched.
  • 48′
    CHANCE FOR THE HOSTS! Unsurprisingly Iban Edu is at the centre of things, as he pops up on the right this time. The forward crosses in and it evades several defenders, before landing at the feet of Sipo, who blasts over.
  • 46′
    Here we go for the second half. Can these two sides be separated?
  • Equatorial Guinea 0-0 Burkina Faso: The referee blows his whistle to bring an entertaining first half to an end. Both sides have played some attractive football during the opening 45 minutes, though the hosts have found themselves under significant pressure at times. Alain Traore has had the two best chances, while his brother, Bertrand, has also impressed. There is plenty more to play for here.
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    There will be one minute added on here.
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    CRUCIAL BLOCK BY YAGO! Kike Seno charges up the right flank and crosses in towards the edge of the area. Nsue drops deep, brings the ball down and smashes a half-volley towards the target, with Yago on hand to make an integral stop.
  • 41′
    Another chance for Put’s men. Once again, Equatorial Guinea fail to deal with a delivery played in from the left and the ball goes all the way through to Bertrand Traore, who steers an effort towards goal. Rui makes a vital block, though.
  • 40′
    OVONO TO THE RESCUE! Burkina Faso are really upping the tempo now. Bertrand Traore brilliantly beats Randy down the left flank, knocking the ball past the right-back with his first touch, before getting into the area and blasting goalwards, forcing the goalkeeper into a save to his left.
  • 39′
    THE POST SAVES OVONO AGAIN! Fine play by Burkina Faso! Kone lofts a delightful pass over the defence from the right towards Alain Traore. The midfielder meets it with a controlled volley which strikes the goalkeeper, before crashing against the post.
  • 37′
    Good move there by Burkina Faso. Pitroipa cuts in from the left, breezing past his marker and then prodding a pass into the area for the lurking Bance. However, his ball is slightly behind the attacker and Mbele intercepts.
  • 35′
    Equatorial Guinea certainly remain in this and they are seemingly improving as an attacking threat. But, they are not making the most of the ball when they have it, with many of their passing moves appearing laboured and without direction.
  • 33′
    Back come the hosts, though. Nsue highlights his brilliant pace and surges into the left side of the Burkina Faso area. He gets beyond Koffi and shoots from a tight angle, with Sanou parrying away. That’s better from Becker’s men.
  • 31′
    OVONO SAVES! Burkina Faso win themselves another position, this time just outside the hosts’ area as Alain Traore is tripped while dancing through the defence. Bance smashes his kick goalwards, with the goalkeeper forced into a reaction save.
  • 29′
    The free-kick is whipped in by Alain Traore, though it is swiftly cleared by Equatorial Guinea, who have largely defended quite well so far. Burkina Faso remain firmly on the front foot, though.
  • 28′
    Yellow CardDiosdado Mbele
  • 28′
    Yellow card for Mbele! Burkina Faso catch Equatorial Guinea on the counterattack, with Pitroipa using the most of his explosive pace. He seizes on Randy’s hesitancy and charges towards goal, before being crudely brought down by Mbele.
  • 27′
    Edu smashes his free-kick goalwards and it is blocked, with the ball flying high up into the air. Sanou comes out to collect it, with it seemingly looking like a routine situation, but he drops it and then pounces upon it on the edge of the area. He’s penalised, somewhat harshly, as the ball appeared to be on the line.
  • 26′
    Lovely footwork from Iban Edu there. The tricky midfielder takes up possession in a central area and he manages to jink his way past three defenders in a tight position, before eventually being fouled by Kabore.
  • 24′
    What a huge waste, again. The hosts play the free-kick short, with Balboa in space. He swiftly plays the ball back again and the eventual cross into the danger area is easily headed away.
  • 23′
    Yellow CardIssa Gouo
  • 23′
    There is the match’s first yellow card. Gouo finds himself up against a couple of Burkina Faso players and he manages to halt a pass up the flank, though he is penalised for handball.
  • 21′
    Burkina Faso with another free-kick, this time further out towards the left flank. It is curled in, but the ball sails over everyone and Ovono allows it to bounce out for a goal-kick. The final deliveries in this match really have been poor.
  • 19′
    OFF THE POST! Burkina Faso go very to taking the lead! Alain Traore steps up to take a free-kick about 25 yards from goal and the midfielder’s curling effort comes back off the left-hand post. Question marks over Ovono’s attempt to save that, though.
  • 18′
    We have a first shot of the match as Bance finds himself in possession on the edge of the area after Pitroipa’s pass somehow finds its way through a crowd of players. However, his effort is saved and then he is flagged offside.
  • 17′
    Edu is involved again in the attacking third, but this time he is the one trying to get on the end of a cross. In the end he goes to ground rather easily after being nudged over by Koffi, but the referee isn’t going to be deceived that easily.
  • 16′
    In fact, the final ball hasn’t been much better from the hosts so far either. Iban Edu, who impressed in their opener, gets forward down the left and manages to squeeze a cross in after beating Koffi, but the delivery goes far too deep.
  • 14′
    Burkina Faso are producing plenty of flashy touches in the middle, with their attacking players interchanging to great effect. However, their final ball has been highly unimpressive so far, with Bance starved of service until now.
  • 12′
    Risky play by Mbele there. The Equatorial Guinea centre-back is given the ball by the goalkeeper and he seems extremely relaxed in possesion. Alain Traore closes down and manages to partially block the clearance, but it rolls back to Ovono. A lucky escape.
  • 10′
    The opening 10 minutes have been extremely open. On this occasion it is Pitroipa probing, as the tricky winger comes into a central position and runs at the defence. He is ultimately stopped in his tracks, though no free-kick is given.
  • 8′
    Equatorial Guinea win themselves another free-kick. This time it is Kike Seno who tries to make ground down the right flank and is tripped by Gouo. The left-back escapes a booking, though.
  • 7′
    Clever play again by Balboa. The former Real Madrid man turns away from Kabore in the midfield and tries to clip a pass into the final third for Nsue. The ball is cut out, but the hosts win a free-kick as Balboa is caught late.
  • 5′
    Excellent defending by Yago! Balboa and Doualla link well in midfield, with the former eventually finding space and slipping a pass into the area for Nsue. The Middlesbrough man manages to spin away from his marker, but the defender makes a fine recovering challenge, before taking the ball away.
  • 3′
    It is Burkina Faso who are dictating the early possession, knocking the ball around confidently in midfield. Bertrand Traore has started lively and he appears to be in on goal after racing on to a clever pass played behind the left-back. However, the Chelsea-owned youngster is flagged offside.
  • 1′
    Off we go! We are underway in Bata.
  • The teams are now out on the pitch as kick-off approaches!
  • Burkina Faso, guided by Belgian coach Paul Put, entered the competition in fine form after avoiding defeat in thier final three qualifiers and the two subsequent friendlies. But they came unstuck against Gabon, whose rapid and nifty frontline enjoyed an impressive opening match. Nevertheless, Burkina Faso went into the tournament as one of the teams most fancied to cause an upset and they have plenty of ability in the starting XI, with Pitroipa, Bance, Bertrand Traore and Kabore all capable of causing problems.
  • Equatorial Guinea began their campaign as hosts with a somewhat underwhelming 1-1 with Congo. Although an entertaining contest, Emilio Nsue’s first-half goal was ultimately cancelled out right at the end by Thievy Bifouma, with the Almeria man salvaging a valuable point for Congo. However, it could have been worse for Equatorial Guinea and that solitary point at least separates themselves from today’s opposition, who sit bottom of Group A.
  • Burkina Faso subs: Fofana, Yedan, Rouamba, Koulibaly, Guira, Bambara, Balima, Soulama, Ouedraogo, Abdou Razak Traore, Nakoulma.
  • Burkina Faso starting XI: Sanou, Koffi, Yago, B. Kone, D. Kone, B. Traore, Gouo, Kabore, Bance, Pitroipa, A. Traore.
  • Equatorial Guinea substitutes: Juvenal, Fabiani, Ruben Dario, Belima, Mosibe, Ganet, Engonga, Miguel Angel, Charly, Bolado, Embela, Evuy.
  • Equatorial Guinea starting XI: Ovono, Randy, Mbele, Rui, Sipo; Zarandona, Doualla, Kike Boula, Javi Balboa, Nsue, Edu Salvado.