FULL TIME – DR Congo 1-1 Tunisia

  • FULL TIME – DR Congo 1-1 Tunisia: Both the Leopards and the Carthage Eagles are through to the quarter-finals, though it is Leekens’ men who go through as group winners to face Equatorial Guinea. Bolasie & co. will now take on Congo in the next round thanks to Bokila’s equaliser after Akaichi’s opener.
  • 90′ + 6′
    There is the final whistle!
  • 90′ + 5′
    It’s finished 0-0 in Ebebiyin, so both Tunisia and DR Congo are through if it stays like this!
  • 90′ + 3′
    Tunisia are just looking to clear the ball up the pitch and relive the pressure on their defence. DR Congo still want a second goal!
  • 90′ + 1′
    We are into the first of four added minutes! As it stands, both these teams are still going through.
  • 90′
    OVER THE TOP! Bolasie dribbles across the top of the box but a loose touch sits up nicely for Mbemba. The midfielder’s technique is woeful, though, as he lashes a wild effort far from the target.
  • 89′
    Boalsie goes for goal from the free kick, 25 yards out, and he rifles it straight into the wall! Bokila wanted it, so he’ll be angry that the effort wasn’t a better one!
  • 88′
    Yakoubi dives in on Bokila, who is sandwiched between himself and Ben Youssef, so the referee awards a free kick. He may have won the ball, but a set-piece is still given the way of the Leopards.
  • 87′
    SubstitutionHocine Ragued Stephane Nater
  • 87′
    SubstitutionCedric Mongongu Gabriel Zakuani
  • 87′
    Changes from both sides now, with Gabriel Zakuani replacing Mongongu for DR Congo and Ragued making way for Stephane Nater for Tunisia.
  • 86′
    Bolasie has the ball played to his feet inside the box and he flicks it up before attempting an overhead kick. The direction is good, but it lacks the pace to really test Aymen Mathlouthi.
  • 85′
    Mongongu lets the ball bounce inside his own box and Moncer steals in to try and dispossess him at the byline. The centre-back just about manages to hook it away before the Tunisian can drive into the centre, and Kasusula makes sure with a powereful clearance.
  • 84′
    DR Congo are continuing to control possession in these late stages, with Tunisia clearly hoping to ride out the remaining minutes.
  • 82′
    This result will put Tunisia through regardless of what happens in the close of the other game, but DR Congo will be keen to get another goal in order to make sure of their progression. Should the Carthage Eagles lose, they will be relying on Cape Verde losing to Zambia in order to qualify.
  • 80′
    Hamza Mathlouthi is down in pain after being caught on the ankle by a reaching challenge from Mongongu! The Tunisian is stretchered off the pitch with his hands on his head, while the centre-back also does not appear to have escaped unscathed as he signals for a substitution to the bench.
  • 78′
    SubstitutionN. Mubele J. Kabananga
  • 78′
    Now DR Congo make a switch of their own, with Kabananga entering the fray at the expense of Mubele.
  • 77′
    SubstitutionWahbi Khazri Mohamed Manser
  • 77′
    Another change from Tunisia now, with the disappointing Khazri making way for Moncer.
  • 75′
    BRILLIANT SAVE! Chikhaoui turns freely in the centre of the pitch before rolling a pass out to the left for Maaloul. He squares it into the box for Younes, who is denied the perfect introduction by Kidiaba who diverts his prodded shot over the top!
  • 74′
    SubstitutionAhmed Akaichi Hamza Younes
  • 74′
    Leekens makes his first substitution of the night with Hamza Younes taking the place of Akaichi.
  • 72′
    Tunisia mount another swift counterattack but again Akaichi lacks conviction around the 18-yard box. He overruns the ball and Kimwaki does enough to put him off, resulting in a goal kick without Kidiaba being worried at all.
  • 70′
    OVER THE TOP! Mbemba tries his luck from 30 yards after cleverly knocking the ball past Ragued. He gets plenty of power behind his effort, which is always rising and fails to worry Aymen Mathlouthi in the Tunisia goal.
  • 68′
    Well, Tunisia really ought to have been off into the distance by now. However, as things stand both these teams will progress, though that could change if the match between Cape Verde and Zambia sees a goal.
  • 66′
  • 66′
    GoalLoteteka Bokila
    GOOOOOOAAAAL!! DR CONGO ARE LEVEL! A long ball up from the back is allowed to bounce by the Tunisian defence, and Mbokani is then first to it, knocking it down for Bokila. Abdennour doesn’t track his run and he fires a low effort beyond Aymen Mathlouthi!
  • 65′
    JUST OVER! Chikhaoui tricks his way inside along the byline before rolling a cutback to Khazri. The Bordeaux midfielder has time to set himself for the shot, which he then smashes over the top!
  • 64′
    That is another chance for DR Congo! Bolasie fizzes a low cross in from the right which heads to an unmarked Bokila. However, the substitute fails to connect with the delivery and Tunisia break.
  • 63′
    SO CLOSE! Mbokani is getting closer! The Dynamo Kiev striker got ahead of Yakoubi to get his head on Issama’s delivery from the right, and his header looped onto the side netting, just beyond the crossbar!
  • 61′
    WIDE FROM AKAICHI! That was a great chance for the striker to grab his second, but upon receiving the ball from Chikhaoui he smashed an effort outside of the left-hand upright. Sassi was open in space to his left, and he is disappointed that he was ignored.
  • 60′
    SubstitutionCedric Loteteka Bokila
  • 60′
    The first change of the game comes from DR Congo, with Mabwati making way for Bokila.
  • 59′
    This half is going very much the same way that the first played out. DR Congo are in control of possession, with Tunisia limiting themselves to threatening on the break. There is no cohesion up top for the Leopards, though, and Aymen Mathlouthi is yet to be tested this half.
  • 57′
    Sassi releases Akaichi down the left on the counterattack with a great ball over the defence. The striker cuts inside before seeing his attempt on goal sailing wide following a great challenge from Mongongu.
  • 55′
    Kasusula swings a cross towards the back post from the left wing but he drops it far too deep for Mubele, and Maaloul is able to shepherd it out of play for a goal kick.
  • 53′
    STAT: DR Congo have won just two Afcon matches since finishing third in the 1998 edition of the competition.
  • 51′
    Bolasie draws a foul from Ben Youssef and DR Congo take the free kick short. Kasusula whips a cross into the box from wide on the left, with Mbokani the target. The Dynamo Kiev striker was in an offside position, though, so the Carthage Eagles are awarded a free kick.
  • 50′
    Maaloul pushes forward on the left again and squares a pass to Chikhaoui in space 35 yards from goal. The Tunisia captain takes a touch before dinking the ball over the top of the defence for Khazri to latch onto. However, Kidiaba reads his intentions and comes from his line to claim it.
  • 48′
    Mbokani picks up the ball on the corner of the box from Mabwati and spins away from Ben Youssef. He lets fly with a right-footed effort from 20 yards but his connection is poor and Aymen Mathlouthi only has a simple save to make.
  • 46′
    Within a matter of seconds Tunisia have the ball in the back of the net, but once more Akaichi was in an offside position when he received possession. Kidiaba will be relieved, he let that effort slip right through him!
  • 46′
    We are back underway in Bata!
  • So, Tunisia are 45 minutes away from securing their place as winners of Group B and setting up a quarter-final with hosts Equatorial Guinea. Stay tuned for the second half to see if that happens, or whether the Leopards can mount the turnaround they need to ensure progression.
  • HALF TIME – DR Congo 0-1 Tunisia: The Leopards have dominated possession in the first half but it is Leekens’ men who have been more dangerous. Sassi had a shot cleared off the line before Akaichi broke the deadlock following some good work from Chikhaoui. Aymen Mathlouthi’s most strenous challenge was turning a decent free kick from Kasusula around the post shortly before his side went ahead.
  • 45′ + 1′
    After one minute of added time, the half-time whistle is blown.
  • 45′
    DR Congo have really upped the ante in the past five minutes but the chances just aren’t falling for them inside the box. Mbokani has had a couple of crosses come his way but couldn’t get the ball out from under his feet. Now Issama gets forward from his right-back position and has his cutback intercepted.
  • 43′
    Mabwati has come to life towards the end of this half, now getting in behind Maaloul on the right wing. He stands a cross up inside the box from the byline which Aymen Mathlouthi comes from his line to claim.
  • 41′
    Good block from Abdennour! The centre-back was positioned perfectly to stop Mabwati from testing Aymen Mathlouthi following Mbokani’s knock-down. That was a decent move from the Leopards, though.
  • 39′
    A couple of bad moments for Akaichi! First, the striker sees Chikhaoui’s pass come off the back of his heel after drifting in behind Kasusula, and then he finds himself offside when Khazri picks him out in space inside the box!
  • 37′
    Yakoubi needs to be careful! The centre-back has already been booked and he puts a clumsy challenge in on Mbokani for which the referee awards a free kick to the Leopards. Bolasi attempts to slide a disguised pass down to the byline for Makiadi but the midfielder cannot stop it from rolling behind off the slick surface.
  • 36′
    Mubele picks up the ball 25 yards out from goal and opts to get a shot away. He doesn’t produce the goods, though, skewing an effort which skids off the turf and arrows wide of the post.
  • 34′
    Just over! Tunisia are awarded a free kick as Mbokani bundles Khazri over 20 yards from his own goal. Maaloul is the man who strikes the set-piece and he rifles his effort narrowly high of the target.
  • 33′
    GOOOOOAAAL! No, it’s ruled out! That would have been a contender for goal of the tournament! Maaloul digs a cross out to the far side of the box where Chikhaoui arrows a stunning volley into the top corner. However, the flag goes up for an offside decision, and it looks like it was the correct call.
  • 31′
    AssistYassine Chikhaoui
  • 31′
    GoalAhmed Akaichi
    GOOOOOAAAAL!! TUNISIA LEAD! Maaloul finds Chikhaoui inside the box and the Zurich man does superbly to twist away from his markers and send the ball goalwards. Kidiaba dives to his left but Akaichi gets his head to the effort and diverts it into the other corner!
  • 29′
    Bolasie’s subsequent set-piece delivery is headed away and when he picks it back up he is tackled by Akaichi. The striker sprints forward at speed, and upon reaching the DR Congo half he runs out of ideas and Issama makes a simple challenge.
  • 28′
    Abdennour races out from the back and slides in on Mubele, taking none of the ball. The referee duly awards the Leopards a free kick which Kasusula fires over the wall, but he puts it at a decent height for Aymen Mathlouthi to parry behind for a corner.
  • 26′
    Mabwati makes an absolute hash of his shot after beeing teed up on the edge of the box by Bolasie. That’s a let off for Tunisia.
  • 24′
    We’re past the half-way mark in the first period and it remains goalless. DR Congo are enjoying their fare share of possession but up to now have done little with it. Tunisia appear happy to let them have it and only threaten on the break.
  • 22′
    Bolasie picks up the ball just inside the right-hand side of the box and the Crystal Palace man twists inside and out to shake off Abdennour. He gets to the byline and fizzes a cross into the goal mouth, where Ragued knocks it out for a corner.
  • 20′
    GREAT SAVE FROM KIDIABA! Maaloul, Khazri and Chikahoui combine brilliantly on the left, with the Zurich man cutting inside at the top of the box after a series of interlinking passes. He lashes a right-footed shot towards the far corner which the keeper manages to turn around the upright!
  • 19′
    Issama sends a long throw into the box from the right and Mubele controls it on his chest. Before the ball drops he attempts to centre it with an overhead kick, but contrives to send it straight out of play.
  • 17′
    Sassi wins a free kick following a neat run in midfield, and when the set-piece is sent in DR Congo’s marking is dire. Ben Youssef attempts to knock down the delivery but the Leopards manage to intercept, and Sassi then commits a foul himself when he tries to regain possession for the Carthage Eagles.
  • 15′
    Chikhaoui is invited forward from midfield, striding towards goal without being closed down. He decides to pull the trigger from 25 yards but an awkward bounce means he sends his shot skidding far aside of the upright.
  • 14′
    The Leopards are seeing plenty of the ball in these opening stages, though much of their possession is coming around the halfway line. Leekens will be hoping his switch to a back three will help provide enough protection to make sure of the point that they need for progression.
  • 12′
    DR Congo managed to escape without conceding despite some extremely shoddy defending there. That should give the Carthage Eagles confidence early on here, and they will know that if they can put Kidiaba under pressure then they have every chance of finding the net.
  • 10′
    TUNISIA SHOULD BE AHEAD! Chikhaoui releases Akaichi down the right and he beats Kasusula before driving inside from the byline. He dribbles back towards the top of the box to take Kidiaba out of the game and squares to Sassi, but his shot is blocked on the line by Kimwaki. The ball remains alive inside the box and Chikahoui fails to divert Khazri’s follow-up effort into the back of the net from inside the six-yard box!
  • 9′
    Yellow CardMohamed Yaacoubi
  • 8′
    Yakoubi is shown the match’s first yellow card for lunging in on Makiadi after overrunning the ball midway inside his own half. It’s his first appearance of the tournament, and with just eight minutes gone he’s already in the book.
  • 7′
    The Leopards win another free kick wide on the left and Bolasie takes on the responsibility of sending this one into the box. It is intercepted by the head of Ben Youssef and Mubele’s attempts to keep it alive on the far side are thwarted.
  • 6′
    Kasusula clips a long ball up towards Mbokani and the striker is clattered from behind by Ben Youssef as he attempts to control it with his chest. DR Congo take their time over the resultant free kick but the eventual delivery is headed away by Abdennour.
  • 4′
    Kidiaba has looked fairly suspect throughout the tournament and he is true to form when Khazri swings the game’s first corner into the box. The keeper comes off his line but is unable to beat Chikhaoui to the ball, but fortunately for him the Zurich forward could not direct his effort on target.
  • 2′
    We’ve got an early break in play here as Mubele has stayed down after being sandwiched between Abdennour and Ragued in midfield. The medical staff bring the stretcher on but he hobbles off and should be fine to continue.
  • 1′
    We are underway!
  • The pre-match formalities are almost over, so the action will commence in just a few moments.
  • The teams are making their way out onto the pitch now, so kick off will be upon following the national anthems.
  • Youssouf Mulumbu misses out for the Leopards due to injury, so Cedric Makiadi comes into their midfield. Lema Mabidi drops to the bench and Ndombe Mubele is brought into the starting line-up. Tunisia, meanwhile, are expected to shift to a back three today with Georges Leekens bringing Mohamed Ali Yakoubi, Hamza Mathlouthi and Ferjani Sassi into the side.
  • Tunisia starting XI: A. Mathlouthi, Maaloul, Ben Youssef, Abdennour, Yakoubi, H. Mathlouthi, Sassi, Ragued, Chikhaoui, Akaichi, Khazri.
  • DR Congo starting XI: Kidiaba, Issama, Kimwaki, Kasusula, Mongongu, Mbemba, Mubele, Makiadi, Mabwati, Bolasie, Mbokani.
  • The runners-up in Group B will take on Congo in the quarter-finals in Bata on January 31, while the winners will face hosts Equatorial Guinea in Ebebiyin on the same day.
  • A draw would see DR Congo become the first nation to draw six consecutive Afcon games. The Leopards have won only one of their last 13 outings in this tournament but know they need a victory tonight if they are have any chance of making the last eight.