FULL TIME: DR Congo 0-0 Equatorial Guinea (4-2 on pens)

  • The celebration is magnificent from the keeper, who hops around on his bottom, with many players following his lead. Wonderful scenes here as DR Congo win third place for the second time in their history!
  • 90′ + 38′
    Pen SO GoalCedric Mongongu
    HE’S DONE IT! The defender smashes it into the top corner and DR Congo win third place!
  • 90′ + 37′
    Pen SO GoalDouala
    SO CLOSE! Douala just sends his shot past the outstretched hands of Kidiaba, who looked to actually get a piece of it, but cannot keep it out.
  • 90′ + 36′
    Pen SO GoalC. Mbemba
    Mbemba thunders it into the top corner and the pressure shifts to the hosts now who have to score or the match is over!
  • 90′ + 35′
    Pen SO GoalJuvenal
    Finally a goal for the hosts! Juvenal squeezes it past the keeper, who had actually guessed the right way.
  • 90′ + 34′
    Pen SO GoalLema Mabidi
    HE DOES IT! Lema Mabidi sends the keeper the wrong way and the Leopards jump out to a 2-0 lead!
  • 90′ + 33′
    Pen SO MissRaul Fabiani
    Lema can give DR Congo a massive lead in the shootout with a goal here… ANOTHER MISS! Awful penalty from Fabiano, the substitute! He passes it to the keeper who hardly had to dive across to keep it out.
  • 90′ + 32′
    Pen SO GoalCedric
    DR Congo take the lead! Cedrick Mabwati straight down the middle and he gets it past Ovono who guessed wrong.
  • 90′ + 31′
    Pen SO MissJavier Balboa
    HORRIBLE! Of all people, Javier Balboa scuffs his penalty high and wide, perhaps distracted by Kidiaba’s back-flip in goal during the lead up to the shot!
  • 90′ + 4′
    That’s it! Brace yourselves, folks. The 90 minutes are up and we are headed to a penalty shootout to decide the third place winner at the 2015 Africa Cup of Nations!
  • 90′ + 3′
    Selfish stuff! Poor effort from the substitute Mabidi, as he strikes from distance with Mabwati shouting for the ball in acres of space to the right of the area. The shot rolls harmlessly wide and we surely are in for penalties now!
  • 90′ + 2′
    Into the second of three minutes of stoppage time and the two sides appear to have accepted the inevitable. Nsue gets onto the end of another long pass but fails to hit the target with his shot under immense pressure from two DR Congo defenders.
  • 90′
    Simple save for Kidiaba as Balboa ambitiously tries to go for goal from 35 yards out from a free kick. He would have been much better off trying to chip a ball over the top, putting a bit of pressure on the DR Congo defence.
  • 88′
    Miguel Angel with a bit of theatrics in midfield as he goes down after the slightest contact from Mabwati. He gets the call, however, and the DR Congo man picks up a yellow card.
  • 87′
    Yellow CardCedric
  • 86′
    The hosts make the final change, and now both teams have used all three of their substitutions. Raul Fabiani, the towering centre-forward, is on to try and give the hosts a dramatic winner.
  • 85′
    SubstitutionBelima Raul Fabiani
  • 84′
    DR Congo are enjoying more possession as the final minutes wind down, but are doing precious little with it. Both teams look exhausted, and understandably so. It doesn’t look like an late winner is in the cards at the moment.
  • 82′
    Javier Balboa of Equatorial Guinea and Dieumerci Mbokani of DR Congo are joint-top scorers in the competition entering the match along with three other players (Thievy Bifouma of Congo, Andre Ayew of Ghana and Ahmed Akaichi of Tunisia). A late goal from either would put them into first with a chance to secure the golden boot with Andre Ayew still to play tomorrow.
  • 80′
    JUST TOO FAR AHEAD! Belima has a go at goal from distance, rather selfishly, but fires miles over the bar. The hosts win the ball right back and Balboa is nearly slipped through on goal, but the pass runs just ahead of him allowing Zakuani to clear.
  • 78′
    WELL HELD! The substitute makes his presence felt just minutes after coming on, as Kabananga streaks down the left and unleashes a powerful, low drive which Ovono manages to grab and hold onto. That was an important stop from the keeper with Mbokani lurking close by for a rebound.
  • 76′
    The flow of the match has become incredibly choppy now as substitutions and fouls begin to take over. Both teams will likely manage one last push for a winner, but at the moment penalties are looking increasingly likely.
  • 74′
    SubstitutionLoteteka Bokila J. Kabananga
  • 74′
    With the pace slowing again now, the game is interrupted as a result of yet another substitution. Striker Jeremy Bokila is the third and final man taken off by DR Congo, and is replaced by Cercle Brugge forward Junior Kabananga.
  • 72′
    SubstitutionCedrick Makiadi Lema Mabidi
  • 72′
    It has been a strong showing from Werder Bremen midfielder Cedric Makiadi, providing some excellent balls forward, but on a yellow card he is withdrawn now with 20 minutes remaining. Lema Mabidi, who plays his club football domestically with Vita Club.
  • 70′
    Just a reminder, if the game ends in a draw after 90 minutes it will not go to extra time, but rather straight to penalties. Those are the rules for the third place match only, not the final.
  • 68′
    EXQUISITE TACKLE! Mongongu finds himself stretched as a long pass forward is chased by Nsue. The striker looks to be first to it, but the defender slides in to knock the ball well out of harm’s way. That was an important tackle, as he would have been off had he got it wrong there!
  • 66′
    Zakuani, the DR Congo centre-half, finds himself well upfield acting almost as a striker as the Leopards mount a counter attack. The defender keeps his run going in the centre and gets on the end of a cross but his header is straight at Ovono.
  • 64′
    STAT ATTACK: DR Congo are playing in the third-place match at the Africa Cup of Nations for the second time in their history. The first time was in 1998 where they beat Burkina Faso, who were also hosts at the time, in penalties when the match finished 4-4 after 90 minutes. Seven of the eight goals in that game were scored in the second half, with four of them in the 86th minute or later.
  • 62′
    End to end stuff here! Both teams have been incredibly stretched as a result of the lively pace this match has taken on. Bolasie finds all sorts of space on the left but cannot pick out a good final ball, before Juvenal fails to spot the run of Nsue at the other end which would have sent the captain through on goal.
  • 60′
    Well this match has certainly sprung to life in the second half. Both teams appear to be going for it now and there is no predicting who will come out on top with just a half hour left.
  • 58′
    WAS THAT THE CHANCE?! Absolutely horrid defending from DR Congo and Nsue nearly takes advantage. He dispossesses Kasusula inside the area which presents him with a breakaway of sorts, but Kidiaba makes a confident stop to deny the Middlesbrough man a sure opener.
  • 56′
    FIRED OVER! Nsue shows great pace to latch onto the end of a long ball forward, getting himself behind the defence. He is forced to cut back from a difficult angle, laying it off for Miguel Angel, but the substitute fires his shot over the bar.
  • 54′
    ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT RUN! Cedrick Mabwati makes an insane run past four defenders to get himself through on goal. He unselfishly tries to lay it off to Mbokani in the centre, but the striker cannot get a good shot off. Mabwati had to go at it himself there, and had he scored it would have been a serious candidate for goal of the tournament!
  • 52′
    Makiadi is shown the first yellow card of the match as he slides hard into the back of the substitutu Doualla. The hosts take the free kick quickly, and try to work the ball into the area with a string of one-touch passes straight from the training ground, but Balboa’s pass runs too far and behind for a goal kick.
  • 51′
    Yellow CardCedrick Makiadi
  • 50′
    Incredibly lively start from DR Congo who have stepped on the gas to start this second half. Equatorial Guinea look like they may have just run out of steam following their magical run to the last four. The hosts need to reach deep down within them to try and find one last push as they search for a third place finish.
  • 48′
    SUPERB SAVE! Following a corner, Mbemba meets the cross and heads a thumping shot back across goal. It is headed in at the far corner, but Ovono dives across to punch it out! Magnificent stuff from the keeper.
  • 46′
    SubstitutionHervé Kage Mbokani
  • 46′
    SubstitutionIván Zarandona Douala
  • 46′
    SubstitutionEnrique Boula Senobua Miguel angel Maye Ngomo
  • 46′
    DR Congo get the second half underway with Dieumerci Mbokani on in place of Herve Kage. The hosts make a double switch with Miguel Angel Maye picking up his first international cap, on alongside Doualla replacing Kike and Ivan Zarandona.
  • HALF TIME: DR CONGO 0-0 EQUATORIAL GUINEA. The hosts enjoyed a very positive start to the match, generating a few chances that should have put them ahead. DR Congo settled down since, however, and have been the far better side since, enjoying the lion’s share of possession while having very little to do in defence.
  • 45′ + 1′
    DR Congo win a corner, but commit another foul inside the area which brings an end to the attack as well as the first half.
  • 45′
    There will be one minute of added time…
  • 43′
    Successive corners won by the Leopards, who are managing a good spell of pressure with half time approaching. The hosts get a bit of a break as Bolasie is called for a foul as he tries to get onto the end of the cross, allowing them to get back on the ball.
  • 41′
    The subdued atmosphere inside the stadium has done nothing to help the excitement level of the match. With the exception of a few scattered vuvuzelas, there is nothing but silence and empty seats for the most part. The stadium is hardly a third full, if that.
  • 39′
    THAT WAS THE CHANCE! The Crystal Palace man does everything perfectly, latching onto the end of a long ball forward, chesting it down superbly. He gets behind the defence but puts his shot high and wide with the goal at his mercy!
  • 37′
    Horrible goalkeeping! Makaidi sends a good free kick into the area and Ovono comes off his line to try and punch clear. He gets nowhere near the ball and winds up taking out Mbemba before the ball rolls harmlessly behind, luckily enough for him.
  • 35′
    Well this is what can happen in a third-place match. It either results in a wide-open match with both teams going for it, or you have what is happening here today. The two teams hardly look excited to be here, still reeling from their semi-final defeats.
  • 33′
    This match has yet to really spring to life. The tempo has been slow throughout and the flow has been interrupted with some careless passing in midfield. Both teams appear to be lacking a bit of quality in the final third to really take control of the match.
  • 31′
    Sloppy defending by Mongongu, who puts Zakuani into a difficult position, before giving the ball away. The hosts have a chance to capitalize on the counter, but Zakuani recovers and dispossesses Balboa to sniff out the chance.
  • 29′
    STAT ATTACK: The only time these two teams met was in 2012 in the qualification process leading up to the 2014 Fifa World Cup. DR Congo cruised to a 4-0 victory at home in the first leg before losing the return fixture 2-1.
  • 27′
    Mpeko does well to track the run of Ruben and win back possession for his side, but then in a momentary lapse of concentration he gives it right back and is forced to concede another corner.
  • 25′
    Possession is being dominated by the Leopards as the hosts are now struggling to get on the ball. Mbemba and Makaidi have taken charge in midfield, with Bolasie dropping deeper to get in possession and make his presence felt.
  • 23′
    They have not managed a real clear-cut chance just yet, but DR Congo have finally awoken and become an active participant in the match after going through the motions in the opening quarter of an hour.
  • 21′
    Headed over! Mbemba shows his strength to elude his marker and latch onto the end of the corner, but under pressure from Ovono, his header is sent wide.
  • 20′
    WHY NOT SHOOT?! Bolasie does so well atop the area to elude two defenders, but passes up a chance at a shot to try and slide Bokila through on goal. The attacker tries to send it across the face of goal, but it is blocked behind for a corner.
  • 18′
    WASTED! Men pour into the penalty area in anticipation for the set piece, but Makaidi’s delivery is very poor as it is lifted over everyone’s head and behind for a goal kick.
  • 17′
    Evuy commits a foul and the Leopards can finally look to create something from the ensuing free kick. It will be taken from just to the left of the penalty area, about 25 yards out.
  • 15′
    The hosts win themselves another corner, but this time they fail to trouble the DR Congo defence. Balboa’s delivery is poor and runs out for a throw. The Leopards just look disinterested in proceedings, going through the motions out on the pitch.
  • 13′
    The ball is being contained largely in midfield, with DR Congo struggling when they push forward in possession. They are already feeling the effects of Mbokani’s absence, and it is proving to be quite a shocking decision from coach Florent Ibenge to bench their leading scorer.
  • 11′
    STAT ATTACK: Equatorial Guinea, though already guaranteeing their best ever finish at the Africa Cup of Nations, can win a medal at the tournament for the first time in the country’s history with a win today.
  • 9′
    WHAT A MESS! Pinball in the Leopards penalty area following a corner and it presents the host nation with a glorious chance at the opening goal. Balboa can’t get his footing right, but it falls for Nsue, though the Middlesbrough man sees his shot saved and sent behind for another corner. He took far too long to get that off, allowing the goalkeeper to recover.
  • 7′
    Neither side has been able to take control and really pressure the oposition, with possession being wasted is midfield. The hosts have been the better team, but have been aided by some poor DR Congo defending.
  • 5′
    GREAT CHANCE AT THE OPENER! Balboa sends a superb ball into the area which the keeper fails to get to. It is only touched away by a defender and Nsue tries to head it back across goal, but Mongongu manages to nudge it behind for a corner.
  • 3′
    It has been a slow, sloppy start to the match with possession being exchanged carelessly. The fans are much more subdued, but this match is not being played behind closed doors as was originally proposed. There are very few supporters in attendance, however, with DR Congo fans reluctant to make the trip after the trouble Ghana supporters encountered at the conclusion of their semi-final.
  • 1′
    The hosts kick-off and we are underway! Equatorian Guinea in red. DR Congo in white. Here we go!
  • The hosts have made four changes in preparation for this third-place match. Randy and Sipo replace Diosdado Mbele and Ruben Belima at the back, while Doualla and Iban are replaced by Juvenal Edjogo-Owono and Ruben Belima in midfield.
  • As you likely have already taken note of, Dieumerci Mbokani is not in the starting lineup today for DR Congo. The striker, who has three goals to his name in the tournament, is replaced by Herve Kage who plays with Racing Genk in Belgium. The other change for the Leopards comes at the back where Cedric Mongongu replaces Joel Kimwaki.
  • EQUATORIAL GUINEA SUBS: Mbele, Engonga, Fabiani, Bolado, Embela, Charly, Doualla, Ganet, Mosibe, Angel.
  • DR CONGO SUBS: Oualembo, Munganga, Mulumbu, Mbokani, Kebano, Mabele, Kabananga, Kimwaki, Kudimbana, Mabidi, Mubele, Mandanda.
  • EQUATORIAL GUINEA (4-2-3-1): Ovono; Randy, Evuy, Rui, Sipo; Zarandona, Juvenal; Belima, Balboa, Kike Boula; Nsue.
  • DR CONGO (4-4-2): Kidiaba; Issama, Mongongu, Zakuani, Kasusula; Mbemba, Makiadi, Kage, Mabwati; Bokila, Bolasie.
  • There was some chatter about the match being cancelled after the end of Equatorial Guinea’s semi-final loss to Ghana was marred by ugly scenes with the home fans attacking those of the opposition. It was a shocking end to what has been a splendid tournament for the National Thunder, swooping in at the 11th hour to host the tournament and making an enjoyable and spirited run to the last four. They were fined for the behaviour of their fans, but there is still time to put this all behind them today, win or lose.