FULL TIME: Cape Verde v Zambia

  • 90′ + 1′
    HUGE CHANCE! Excellent play by Kalaba as he charges down the right and gets in behind Carlitos, before cutting a pass into the danger area. Vozinha, parries it right into the path of Kangwa, but he can only slice wide while off balance. Was that the final chance?
  • 90′
    There will be three minutes added on here.
  • 89′
    Cape Verde appear to have a fine chance of a late goal after Djaniny is fouled about 35 yards from the Zambia goal. However, Kuca is flagged offside as he looked to cause Mweene problems.
  • 88′
    Decent attempt there from Kalaba, as the Zambia captain tries his luck with a left-footed effort from 25 yards. Vozinha is equal to it, however, catching with minimal fuss.
  • 86′
    Not long left now. Both sides are trying to pour men forward, but their respective moves are not coming off at the moment, with the surface water seemingly preventing flowing passing moves.
  • 84′
    SubstitutionGiven Singuluma Mukuka Mulenga
  • 84′
    Final change for Zambia now. Mulenga enters the fray, with Singuluma exiting.
  • 82′
    Ngoma tries to get himself involved again on the left. The youngster races beyond Carlitos and finds himself in the final third, but in the end he just runs the bal out of play.
  • 80′
    Another opportunity for Zambia. A corner is delivered into the area and ultimately flicked on, with Sunzu there at the back post. But his header is tame and Vozinha claims with ease.
  • 79′
    SubstitutionCarlitos Kuca
  • 78′
    HUGE CHANCE FOR ZAMBIA! Lungu produces a clever first touch to beat Stopira and he squares a pass into the danger area. It receives a slight deflection, which seemingly proves crucial, as Kangwa directs the ball wide of the target from seven yards.
  • 76′
    Zambia are on the front foot against now. Ngoma plays a clever reverse pass into the danger area for Kangwa, who receives it and then goes tumbling in the area. His theatrics get him punished, however, with the referee right to award a yellow card following a blatant dive.
  • 75′
    Yellow CardEvans Kangwa
  • 75′
    More eye-catching play from Djaniny. The forward drops deep, dribbles past a defender and then chips a pass into the area for Fortes. The substitute almost gets to it, but Mweene rushes out to good effect.
  • 74′
    SubstitutionToni Varela Odaïr Fortes
  • 74′
    Another change for Cape Verde now. Fortes takes the place of Antonio Varela.
  • 72′
    Here is the latest change for Zambia. Seventeen-year-old Ngoma comes on for Musonda, who was lively before the break.
  • 71′
    SubstitutionLubambo Musonda Patrick Ngoma
  • 70′
    Cape Verde penalty claims rejected! Djaniny, who continues to look a threat, runs at Malama and beats him, getting into the area. There appears to be slight contact as he stumbles, though the referee ignores the protests.
  • 68′
    Almost a delightful pass in behind Nkausu by Stopira. The left-back’s effort appears to cut the Zambia man right out of the match, with Djaniny lurking. But the ball is held up in a puddle and the right-back takes up possession, with Janza relieved.
  • 66′
    TUNISIA-DR CONGO UPDATE: DR Congo have equalised in Bata, making the score 1-1. If things stay as they are in both matches, it will be DR Congo who join Tunisia in the quarter-finals.
  • 64′
    And there is the latest example of the weather causing problems. Rodrigues tries to deliver the corner into the area, but due to the presence of water, his kick goes about 15 yards and straight out of play.
  • 63′
    DJANINY! The substitute has looked bright since coming on and he finds space in a central position, with Zambia seemingly sitting off him. He tries his luck from distance, with Mweene parrying his effort around the post.
  • 62′
    Well, it looks like we will probably see this game concluded today as expected, but one can’t expect much quality football in this second half, with the pitch in an awful condition at the moment.
  • 60′
    Half-chance for Zambia now. Musonda’s free-kick in a central area about 30 yards from goal is flicked on from the edge of the area by Kalaba. His header causes Vozinha some concern, though the ball lands on the roof of the net.
  • 58′
    SubstitutionChristopher Munthali Donashano Malama
  • 58′
    Changes for both sides now. The unimpressive Mendes makes way for Cape Verde, with Djaniny on in his place, while Malama replaces Munthali.
  • 57′
    SubstitutionRyan Mendes Djaniny
  • 57′
    The rain does appear to have calmed slightly, but it really is still coming down at quite a rate. Regardless, Zambia look to cause problems down the left. Kangwa cuts on to his right foot and delivers, with his cross ultimately going just wide of the far post.
  • 55′
    MWEENE STRUGGLES! Rodrigues’ free-kick is cleverly planted right in front of the goalkeeper. His delivery is dropped right in front of Mweene, who can only push it away. Well, if this game is to continue, the Elche attacker certainly knows how to cause the goalkeeper problems.
  • 54′
    Nevertheless, Heldon tries his best down the right and manages to win a free-kick in a deep position after being in the middle of a sandwich. Rodrigues heads over, looking to continue his first-half form of excellent deliveries.
  • 52′
    There is a fine example of how the rain is affecting proceedings. Calu tries to clear up the right flank, but his kick goes about 15 yards due to the conditions under foot.
  • 50′
    The rain certainly isn’t letting up here. Cape Verde are seeing more of the ball during these opening stages, but neither side appears capable of asserting much control.
  • 48′
    The ball really isn’t moving well out there. Players are attempting to run with it, but the movement of the ball is not natural, with water holding it up.
  • 46′
    Off we go for the second half. I feel it is necessary to say now that the conditions really are dreadful in Ebebiyin. The rain is pouring down and unrelenting.
  • Cape Verde 0-0 Zambia: The referee brings the first half to a halt, with neither side ultimately able to go into the break level. Both teams have had their chances to take the lead, though Cape Verde have probably just about edged the contest in that respect, going close twice towards the end. Nevertheless, there has not been much quality on show so far, but we have plenty left to play for.
  • 45′ + 4′
  • 45′ + 3′
    SO CLOSE TO THE OPENER! Rodrigues’ set-piece deliveries have been wonderful so far and he causes problems again. This time his cross in unorthodox, as he passes a low ball into the danger area. Everyone misses it, including Mweene, and it rolls just wide of the right-hand post.
  • 45′ + 2′
    An unimpressive first half for Munthali gets even worse as he picks up a yellow card for a late lunge on the rampaging Heldon, who looked set to be in down the left. Can Cape Verde steal a lead just before the break?
  • 45′ + 1′
    Yellow CardChristopher Munthali
  • 45′
    WHAT A CHANCE! The Zambian defence is all over the place as Rodrigues curls another fine delivery into the area. Munthali completely loses Varela and the defender meets it with a header. However, he inexplicably fails to find the target. Huge let-off for Janza’s men.
  • 44′
    And now Cape Verde have a free-kick in the final third, as Rodrigues is on the wrong end of a clattering challenge from Sunzu, who escapes a yellow card.
  • 43′
    Kalaba goes straight for goal, producing a decent effort which successfully clears the wall and tests Vozinha, but the goalkeeper is equal to it, punching it clear instead of opting to catch the slippery ball.
  • 42′
    Zambia have themselves another free-kick in a good position, this time about 30 yards from goal after Kangwa was tripped. Kalaba steps over it, looking particularly focused.
  • 41′
    Cape Verde find themselves in the final third, making ground down the right. Rodrigues spots the run of his overlapping full-back, Carlitos. The defender manages to gets a cross into the centre, though Mweene plucks it out of the air with ease.
  • 39′
    The attack-minded Zambia players have been quite bright on the ball so far, with Kalaba, Musonda, Lungu and Kangwa all having their moments. However, their passes have not been sharp enough, or even particularly accurate.
  • 37′
    Good play by Rodrigues. The attacker bursts down the right and manages to get away from Mbola, before charging into the penalty area. However, his scuffs the ball well wide of the target when presumably shooting. A real waste.
  • 35′
    TUNISIA UPDATE: In the group’s other match, Tunisia have taken a 1-0 lead over DR Congo, which is good news for both Zambia and Cape Verde.
  • 34′
    Musonda stands over the free-kick, about 20 yards from goal. He smashes the ball towards the target, but he slams it straight into the wall and Cape Verde survive.
  • 33′
    Yellow CardCarlitos
  • 33′
    Impressive speed on the counterattack by Zambia now. Kalaba charges forward and picks out Kangwa to his left, with just three Cape Verde defenders back. Carlitos brings the attack to an end, though, fouling the forward and earning a yellow card.
  • 31′
    Rodrigues wins Cape Verde another free-kick out on the right, as he is barged over by Mbola. The Elche man steps up to take the set-piece himself and the delivery is good. Gege appears to get a touch on it at the back post and then Vareal smashes well over.
  • 29′
    We have a brief pause in play now as Varela appears hurt. The Cape Verde man is doing on the ground after having his hand accidentally trodden on, though he looks to be fine.
  • 27′
    After a rather frenetic opening 10 minutes, this contest has become somewhat tepid. Zambia look the more threatening going forward, though neither side is playing with much fluency.
  • 25′
    Cape Verde manage to clear their lines without too much of an ordeal, though, even if their attempt at a counterattack fails. They have been far too ponderous on the ball so far, with there being very little urgency to their play.
  • 24′
    DREADFUL DEFENDING! Cape Verde allow Kalaba so much space in the area. The attacking midfielder receives a pass in the area and, after being given so much freedom, he runs across the edge of the box and gets a shot away. It is deflected just wide, however.
  • 22′
    Kangwa has looked lively for Zambia so far. The attacker drops deep to the edge of the area and slips a clever reverse pass into the danger area. Kalaba tries to get on the end of it, though Vozinha comes off his line to good effect. The Zambian was actually flagged offside too, but once again that decision was incorrect.
  • 21′
    Heldon goes across to take the corner and Mendes tries to make contact with the delivery, but Zambia are able to clear relatively easily. Cape Verde will be disappointed to end an encouraging period of play without causing much damage.
  • 20′
    The free-kick is smashes into the wall, but Cape Verde remain on the front foot. Eventually Heldon threatens down the left and links well with Mendes, who wins a corner for Aguas’ side.
  • 18′
    Free-kick in a good position now for Cape Verde. Mendes receives a pass into feet about 30 yards from goal and Sunzu tries to tackle him from behind, clumsily fouling the forward.
  • 16′
    CAPE VERDE ESCAPE! Singuluma tests Vozinha with an effort from distance and the goalkeeper fails to keep hold of it, spilling the ball after an uncomfortable bounce deceived him. Kangwa tries to capitalise and manages to get a shot away, but his effort is blocked just in front of the goal and he is then flagged offside, although he was clearly onside.
  • 15′
    Bright move by Cape Verde this time. Stopira combines well with Heldon down the left and gets into the final third after a one-two. The left-back plays a pass into the area for Mendes, but his first touch allows Sunzu to pounce.
  • 14′
    Delightful turn in midfield by Lungu, as the Zambian steps over a pass to completely deceive two opponents before collecting it again and springing an attack. He swiftly nudges the ball on to Kalaba, who tries to play a defence-splitting pass into the final third. Cape Verde cut it out, however.
  • 12′
    We are yet to see a particularly threatening final pass, however. Zambia look set to cause Cape Verde more problems at the back with their latest attack, but, after receiving a cut-back from Mbola, Musonda’s cross from deep sails all the way through to Vozinha.
  • 10′
    We’ve had a fairly bright start to proceedings so far. Both sides appear to be posing a threat going forward, with the first ten minutes suggesting we may be in for an open contest. Let’s hope so.
  • 8′
    Mweene makes a bit of a meal of the corner delivery, failing to collect despite rushing towards the ball. Cape Verde fail to punish him, though, and Zambia break away down the left. Kangwa runs at Carlitos, twisting and turning on the edge of the area, before finally squeezing a clever cross into the danger area, which ultimately fails to find a team-mate.
  • 7′
    Good play by Ryan Mendes. The forward peels away to the left and manages to battle his way past his marker, before sliding a pass down the left for Heldon. The forward plays a cross into the near post, which is knocked behind for a corner.
  • 5′
    Cape Verde escape unscathed! Zambia claim a corner on the counterattack, with Calu making a mess of his clearance. Kangwa meets the delivery with a header, but his on-target effort is nodded away right in front of the goalkeeper.
  • 4′
    Varela manages to get on the end of the free-kick delivery, but he is unable to nod it goalwards from his position at the back post and Zambia have the chance to get forward themselves.
  • 3′
    Cape Verde win themselves an early free-kick out on the right as Garry Rodrigues goes down a little easily after being bumped into by Mbola, who isn’t impressed. Nevertheless, this is a good chance for Aguas’ side to claim an advantage.
  • 1′
    Off we go! Zambia get us started in Ebebiyin.
  • The players are now out on the pitch as kick-off approaches.
  • Zambia, however, find themselves in a rather desperate situation. The point they accumulated against DR Congo on matchday one leaves them with a chance of reaching the last eight, but they simply must beat Cape Verde today and then hope Tunisia avoid defeat. Honour Janza’s side’s hopes haven’t been helped by injuries to key men, with Emmanuel Mayuka (groin) ruled out of the rest of the tournament, while Nathan Sinkala (knee) also misses out. The pressure will be on the likes of Rainford Kalaba and Evans Kangwa. Can the 2012 champions prevail and reach the last eight against the odds?
  • This match has so much riding on it from the perspectives of both sides. Cape Verde currently sit second in Group B, but their record is identical to Democratic Republic of Congo in third. A point could be enough to see Rui Aguas’ men through to the quarter-finals, but they would also need DR Congo to lose in the group’s other fixture against Tunisia. Nevertheless, Cape Verde have a full compliment to pick choose from and will be confident of springing something of a shock having attracted praise for the performances so far.
  • Zambia subs: Munyau, Malama, Kabwe, Sautu, Musakanya, Kampamba, Mulenga, Mwanza, Titima, Ngoma.
  • Zambia starting XI (4-4-2): Mweene; Nkausu, Munthali, Sunzu, Mbola; Mtonga, Musonda, Lungu, Kalaba; Singuluma, Kangwa.
  • Cape Verde substitutes: Kay, Babanco, Semedo, Odair Fortes, Kuca, Kevin, Platini, Ivan Cruz, Nivaldo, Julio Tavares, Djaniny, Jeffrey Fortes.
  • Cape Verde starting XI (4-3-3): Vozinha; Carlitos, Gege, F. Varela, Stopira; Calu, Nuno Rocha, T. Varela; Garry Mendes, Ryan Mendes, Heldon.