Founder of Heart of Lions: We deserve the relegation

The co-owner of Kpando Heart of Lions has stated that no external force led to the relegation of the club to division 1, but they have themselves to be blamed.

Some football administrators and soccer pundits have blamed the Ghana Football Association for orchestrating the relegation of the Kpando based side, but Victor Ahiakpor has made it clear that internal wrangling and mismanagement led to their relegation from the top-flight after 12 years stint.

“For someone to stand somewhere and say I am the chief supporter of the club I founded with my sweat is unbelievable. No one should blame Kwesi Nyantakyi (GFA President) to be behind the relegation of Kpando Heart of Lions. We deserve to be in division 1, because we didn’t do several things right”.

Kpando Heart of Lions is now managed by Randy Abbey as the supposed majority shareholder of the club. However, Ahiakpor has indicated that he refused to sign the letter that should give Randy Abbey the permission to claim ownership of the club. Adding that he didn’t even sell out the club, but he rather invited Randy Abbey to come and assist him to run the club.

Abbey, who is reported to have bought 70% shares has been lip-tight about the issue, so his side of the story remains unknown.