Formula 1 – F1 set to axe double points after one season

Formula 1 teams have agreed to drop double points and standing starts after safety car restarts for 2015, AUTOSPORT can reveal.

Following discussions in this week’s meeting of the Strategy Group and F1 Commission in Geneva, it was agreed that the two controversial rules should be abandoned next year.

Double points came in for this season following a push by Bernie Ecclestone to try to ramp up interest at the end of the campaign by keeping the title fight alive longer.

But the gimmick proved hugely unpopular with fans, and teams quickly realised that the sport would be better going back on the plan.

In the end, it played no role in the championship battle this season and only influenced some minor placings in the drivers’ standings.

Standing starts after safety car restarts were voted in by the F1 Commission earlier this year, but a deeper look at its implications over recent weeks prompted widespread safety concerns.

Following talks in recent sporting working groups, the matter was tabled for discussion in Geneva, and teams have agreed that F1 should ditch it.

The agreement by teams to abandon double points and safety car restarts still needs to be approved by the FIA’s World Motor Sport Council, which is meeting next week, for next year’s regulations to be changed.

The Strategy Group and F1 Commission meetings also featured lengthy discussions about cost cuts and a cost cap, but it is understood no agreement was reached on making any changes for 2015.

The only concession given was for leading teams to say they would be open to Caterham and Marussia running year-old engines next year if it would help them survive.

It is also understood that no agreement was reached on relaxing F1’s engine freeze further, with Mercedes unwilling to open up the regulations.

The Strategy Group also agreed that F1’s radio ban would remain in its current guise for 2015.

It means that only direct help for drivers will be outlawed – rather than pursuing the hardline clampdown on all team-to-driver communication as was originally planned.

The WMSC meets in Doha on December 3.