Former Ghana Fa chief blames clubs for league delay

Former Ghana Football Association chairman MND Jawula believes clubs are responsible for the lingering delay to the start of the premier league season.

The retired administrator, who was in charge of the body between 1997 and 2001, blames clubs for refusing to accept judicial decisions, which he says has plunged the domestic topflight into the current situation.

“It’s not the best for everyone. When you have a situation where clubs refuse to accept ruling of the FA, what do you expect?” Jawula told TV3.

“We set our own rules and yet we disrespect it. We all know football matters are not sent to court, yet we are always in a hurry to go to court if we lose a case.”

Two main litigations must be cleared before the 16-team competition could commence.

Dream FC’s promotion to the Ghana Premier League is being challenged by Tema Youth, which has been dragged to the Court of Arbitration for Sports.

Secondly, Techiman City are facing bribery claims, which will be debated in a new hearing to be constituted by the GFA appeals committee.

No dates for the above cases have been published.

“We make it appear as if those who sit on the judicial bodies are unintelligent,” Jawula said.

“Then we turn around to blame the FA. People must respect judicial decisions. That’s the only way out.”

An initial date of December 20 was announced for kick-off of the new campaign, which appears to be unlikely. A new date of January 10 is being speculated.

The GFA and club chiefs will be meeting on Monday to find a solution to the problem.