Football Governing Bodies Can Be Bias #1

    Fifa Has Told Us How Football Governing Bodies Can Be Bias (Part 1)

    Just few days ago six FIFA officials were said to be arrested in the swiss capital of Zurich by Swiss Authorities on Corruption Charges and opened proceedings over the awarding of the 2018 and the 2022 World Cups.

    This happened at the five star Baur au Lauc hotel on Wednesday.

    This came as a shock to the world as FIFA is expected to uphold rules that keeps soccer honest, but instead corrupted the worldwide to enrich themselves and fulfil their selfish desires. It is very sad that a whole soccer governing body cant even be trusted.

    This is a federation for international football not just any organisation, it has always been clear that the December 2010 World cup vote was fraudulent and criminal but Mr Blatter kept quiet pretending everything was ok and fine whiles it has never been fine all because of his self interest.

    I believe postponing the elections after last Wednesdays incident was the wise thing to have been done, but power they say can be very sweet, instead a fifth term campaign was the only thing on Mr Blatter’s mind. His insatiable desire for power has torn FIFA to pieces.

    Football has totally lost its rhythm, respect and dignity. A lot has happened in the last decade during Blatter’s reign.
    Now it was obvious he could not carry the shame and disgrace that has painted FIFA. Mr Blatter couldn’t continue being Gaddhafi so it was best he stepped down.

    The wisest thing he could have done but that doesn’t mend the broken ivory. Now that he has stepped down, whats the future for FIFA? Will there be further investigations as to wether he is involved in any of these bribes that were paid in the last decade?

    I believe there are lots more questions Blatter need to answer to us. Stepping down as FIFA president doesn’t mean everything is over. The real journey is about to begin and we will fight with our all to make sure corrupt leaders in the football world are brought to book.. to be continued.