Football, Not A Centre For Racist Abuse

    By Kofi Ampon Gyasi

    Racism has been a cancer in  association  football for the past decade .A disease which has  eaten into all sectors of the world  but grown roots in soccer over a couple of years was  sad and pity  when a group of people believed to be Chelsea supporters  last Tuesday in Paris in the wake of the champions league match between Chelsea and PSG  pushed a Blackman off from boarding a train thereafter  making racist chants .A shameful  event  described as very colloquial.

    I thought the book of life firmly states that God created man in his own image. Then if so why the superiority of race and ethnicity? Why would a dark skinned man be prevented from boarding a local train just because he is not of a particular race? I strongly believe FIFA and UEFA in a whole haven’t dealt with this ferocious and brutal inhumanity act well in the past years. Culprits who have always been apprehended in this act have always received feeble punishments which creates a big picture on how the world governing body sees this ruthless act.

    This has never been the first time someone is being abused racially in this arena. Footballer players themselves have been victims of racial abuses .players like Mario Balotelli, Samuel Eto’o, Yaya Toure and more can be mentioned as victims having been abused in the past as a result of race. I believe it’s time the football governing bodies start tackling this as a heinous incident  and serious charges conferred on these perpetrators ,if possible jailed because we can’t be living in an environment with such rascals. It’s quite impressive upon hearing that Chelsea football club have launched serious investigations into the matter and the supporters faces a life ban if found guilty.

    I believe football is a game for equality but not for racist chants. These issues should be one of the greatest challenges FIFA must fight with everything to overcome as people have been so much humiliated in this with no severe action taken