Foh-Amoaning backs George Afriyie for GFA Vice President

Moses Foh-Amoaning has endorsed George Afriyie as the most outstanding personality to assume the high office of the Vice President of the Ghana Football Association.

The amended status of the Ghana FA mandates the President of the association to appoint the Emergency Committee including the Vice President from the 22 elected Executive Committee members, which is contrary to previous process of electing the 4 Emergency Committee members.

After electing initial 11 members onto the Executive Committee for the next 4 years, several names have come up as favourites for the Vice Presidency of the FA, but Moses Foh Amoaning believes George Afriyie stands out amongst them because he has new ideas to offer.

“George Afriyie will be the best person for the Vice President, after having seen it all at the Ghana Football Association,” he told Hot FM.

“I was impressed with his victory speech: Instead of telling people how and why he won, his first statement was to talk about changing the image of the GFA and I think it is a great idea to realize the image of the association is not the best and that he is ready to help remedy the situation”.

Moses Foh-Amoaning was member of the Commission of Inquiry into Brazil 2014 FIFA World Cup that recommended that George Afriyie and some other GFA members should not be paid whenever they embark on national duties, for failing to declare the amount they received as appearance fees during the mundial.

However, the government white paper overlooked that recommendation and rather banned them from holding any future national team management position, but it hasn’t taken effect yet.