Floyd Mayweather slammed for tiger Christmas gift

Instagram is the place!

There’s no better place to rub one’s luxury in the faces of the on looking world than that social media platform. Luxury showoff on fleek from celebrities is just an understatement.

And who better has some show-offing skills that the superfluously rich boxing legend Flyod Maywheather.

The 38-year-old retired boxer who had 49 undefeated fights in his career took to Instagram to make 16-year-olds and plenty adults jealous and counting their stars when he posted a picture of the Mercedes C-Class Coupe he bought as his son’s birthday gifts a few weeks ago.

A recent post to showcase his early Christmas gift however did not go down well on the social media page, creating divided opinions on the gift.

Floyd Mayweather posted a picture of himself and a baby female tiger with the caption:

“I want to thank my family @themoneyteamrussia here in Moscow, Russia for the hospitality & my early Christmas present, a rare & exotic tiger from India. Any suggestions for  a name for this two-month old, female tiger? #Moscow #Russia”

The comments quickly started flooding in with some fans outraged by wild animal trade and some others defending the boxing legend.

One person wrote:

“How about for the rest of the world’s Christmas present you release that poor tiger back into its natural habit! Tigers are endangered and you’re supporting illegal trade by keeping it from the wild. F**k you, you ignorant f**k.”

Other Instagram users added:

“It annoys me how money, fame and power allows people do abuse it and do whatever they want to do! No one, no matter how much money you have should be able to buy and own wild animals and walk them around their homes like pets! It’s cruel and thousands of animals are endangered so we should be investing back in their numbers and not locking them in houses, small compounds and controlling them! They should be in sanctuaries, reduce centres and the wild.. Protected to be natural!”

“Omg are you serious!! I don’t care that your a well known boxer, but I mean come on this is a wild animal for f**k sake, she belongs back in the wild with her mother and her other siblings. This is very cruel. This is no life for any animal I don’t care who u are. Animals should be left ALONE in the wild”

The comments kept getting more offensive with another user adding:

“You are so uneducated and ignorant to keep this animal as your pet. It’s frightening the money you have and nothing between your ears in terms of a brain. absolute idiot she should be taken off you.”

“This is disgusting and shameful.. a tiger is not a pet, have some respect,” another user opined.

The comments however had people defending Flyod Mayweather with a user writing in defence of the 38-year-old:

“He ask a name nothing more. Not what he should do with it or where he should put it. Besides He’s a multimillionaire whatever he does it will be a choice of his own.”

People for Ethical Treatment of Animals [PETA] Senior Vice President Lisa Lange said in a statement to MailOnline concerning Mayweather’s tiger gift:

“Floyd Mayweather can have anything he wants, and what he should want is an end to the wild-animal trade, not to be a facilitator of it.

“Tigers do poorly as ‘pets’ – they belong in their native habitats, not in a cage in a celebrity’s home as a ‘show-off’ prop, 100 percent certain to be discarded to a roadside zoo or a cheap circus or to meet some other tawdry end after they become too strong to handle and show a will of their own.

“Wild animals kept as amusements never have a fighting chance of a natural life.

“Having been torn away from their mothers, many end up violently beaten by trainers and all are deprived of what’s natural, normal and important to them.

“PETA appeals to Floyd Mayweather to be a real champ for animals and allow his ‘Christmas present’ to be moved to a wildlife sanctuary.”