Mayweather Jnr Could Retire Before The Bout

    Reliable sources close to sports5050 has revealed that  the WBC WBA welterweight champion born as Floyd joy Sinclair, popularly known as Floyd Mayweather could be on his way to retirement .This  shock revelation could as well pose negative to the Boxing fraternity but might be positive personally to the money boy.

    Negotiations have been Ongoing for the deadliest bout of All-time between Floyd and the Filipino Destroyer Manny Paquaio. It can be recalled that this process started since 2009 and yet no agreement has been made on this possible bout. It’s not surprising the best pound for pound boxer in the world is very reluctant to agree on this bout because he is considering a lot of factors.

    The famous American boxer knows well that Agreeing on this bout can make and unmake him at the same time. The positivity around it is that at Age 37 this fight could definitely be his last bout and as well it will be of great honour for the WBA champion to end his career on winning this great fight. What a success story it will be for the money boy. Retiring as the best pound for pound boxer having 47 wins out of 47 fight, 26 knockout and have never lost a fight in his entire life with no draws. A phenomenal record as pundits refer to him as the king of boxing…

    Imagine Floyd losing the Paquaio bout? That could collapse his undefeated obsession and could as well erase the money boy’s image to zero. As if that will be all, losing this bout and retiring after will mean after all he wasn’t that good and king of boxing which would have been read by generations to generations.

    But if he agrees to fight Manny and wins then he could retire as the greatest boxer to have ever lived adding more accolades and titles to his wardrobe. Does it mean Floyd should rather risk fighting Manny? What about is if he loses? Because it’s obvious that at age 37 Floyd will soon be taking down his gloves and who would love to have a successful blistering career and then retire as a looser?

    I believe no one will, so this exactly why sources close to him suggest the richest sportsman wouldn’t want to risk and as a result of this he has started pondering his pretty head about retiring soon as the undefeated boxer of all time.