Floyd: Canelo Won, but the Cards Were ‘Ridiculous’

Floyd Mayweather Jr. may not be active in the ring anymore, but that doesn’t deter him from saying what’s on his mind.

Canelo Alvarez defeated Miguel Cotto by unanimous decision in Saturday’s WBC middleweight championship bout, and the post-fight discussion has centered around the score of the fight. Alvarez won 117-111, 118-110, 119-109, but the fight felt closer than the scorecards indicated.

The undefeated Mayweather, who retired at 49-0 after beating AndreBerto on Sept. 12, thought Alvarez should have won the fight but not by that much, as he told Ben Thompson of FightHype.com (Warning: Mayweather’s responses contain NSFW language):

Do I think that Canelo won? Absolutely. Canelo won the fight, but it wasn’t no 119-109. Those crazy scores [119-109 and 118-110] that they had was ridiculous. I think Nevada has the best commission in the world, and I’m not just saying that because I live here. I’m saying that because they are fair with everyone. Not just me; they are very fair with everyone, but I do think the fight was a lot closer than 119-109. That is f–king ridiculous. In my opinion, I’m not saying this is what happened, but in my opinion, either somebody is handpicking these judges or something is going on that’s not right.

Mayweather also said scoring controversies tend to happen when Oscar De La Hoya is involved, whether it be in the ring or in the promoting world.

“They said my fight with Oscar De La Hoya was a split decision, which we all know was some bulls–t,” he said. “When I faced Canelo, one of the judges scored it a draw. I got a split decision with Oscar, I got a majority decision with Canelo and you seen what just happened Saturday night. I’m just saying.”

It looked as though the fight was closer than the scorecards suggested. There were rounds where Cotto landed more punches than Alvarez, and it was not that lopsided. Whenever Mayweather says it, though, it’s grounds for listening.

No matter how much people may criticize Mayweather for his fighting style, he’s one of the smartest boxing minds of this generation.