To fight Pacquiao something has to go for Mayweather

Cinco de Mayo, this great Mexican bank holiday has become a synonymous with each year’s appearances of boxing’s number 1 pound for pound Floyd Mayweather Jr (47-0).

Floyd has lately marked this date on his calendar for his performances. This year though things have changed and become a bit more perplexed. Mexico’s Saul Canelo Alvarez threatens to change these plans for good.

The hard hitter Canelo has agreed in all terms to fight another hard hitter in the face of Puerto Rico’s Miguel Cotto in what promises to be a very exciting fight for Cotto’s WBC middleweight title on May 2nd.

So this is a totally new situation for Floyd. In the recent past no other big name had dared to fight on the same night with Floyd unless he already belonged to that pay per view event; otherwise this would had been doomed with failure.

But now the tables are turned and unless Floyd pulls another ace from his deck of cards I see him watching Canelo from the TV on May 2nd.

I believe there are certainly aces on his deck of cards and a possibility to turn all this situation on his favor.

For the most of us this will mean only one thing: To fight Manny Pacquiao. Of course, if this happens for Floyd something has to go.

So a good question will be what will be that something? In my opinion there can be more than one things. Sometimes it can be for the good and sometimes for the bad.

So in no particular order I will present them here one by one.


Fear is always something good to go. It will be good for Floyd if he finally agrees to face his arch nemesis Manny Pacquiao, this will silence his critics who give him always hard time for avoiding him until now.


So far Floyd has managed to stay unbeaten with minor cuts and bruises. So it will be bad if now finally loses and his boxing record gets an asterisk marked on it. This will be a direct blow for his pride, but I guess it happens this even to the very best.


Actually here something will come in instead to go out. It will be good for Floyd because this will mean much more money into the pocket than ever. He is already the richest athlete alive and this will make him even richer.


It will be good for his legacy so that future generations will remember him as someone who fought with the best. It will be bad if he finally will not agree. In my opinion it will leave his legacy incomplete and this will be such a shame.


If Floyd agrees to fight Pacquiao, Canelo and his promoter Oscar Dela Hoya will certainly have to compromise and look elsewhere, very possibly prior to the May 2nd date.
Two big fights on two different channels and venues make no sense in any way. It will be a conflicting and unreasonable action.

So there you have it. Things that can make a difference in Floyd’s life and have to come and go.

In your comments bellow please let me know if you see other minor or major things for Floyd to go. Thanks for reading.