Ex-Adenta MP Adu Asare to contest Djamefe Commission’s report

Kojo Adu Aasre has lashed out at the Commission of Inquiry into Brazil 2014 World Cup for doing a shoddy job.

Kojo Adu Asare who served as head of the Protocol and Supporters Welfare Committee for the Brazil 2014 World Cup is on record to have wept before the Djamefe led commission of Inquiry when he was summoned to answer questions on some of the events that happened before, during and after the Black Stars elimination from the 2014 FIFA World Cup staged in Brazil.

Many people believe his involvement in the World Cup cost him his job as the Chief Executive Officer of the Youth Enterprise Support (YES) Fund.

However, Kojo Adu Asare has the feeling that the commission could have helped him clear his name, but they did a poor job.

According to him documents were available and if the commission had asked the right people the appropriate questions they could have arrived at a proper conclusion.

“I think they didn’t do a proper work, because if you go and ask Larry Acheampong questions on this. He was in Natal I was in Brasilia. I went to the commission alright these questions were not asked. It was when Larry went there that these questions were asked. Meanwhile he wasn’t in Brasilia to give a vivid account of what happened.

“For the judgment of the commission I think they got things wrong, court is the place I can seek redress to clear my name,” Adu Asare told Kasapa FM.

The President of the Republic of Ghana through the Attorney General released a white paper on the commission’s report and it is set to be enforced, but any person who feels ill-treated could contest it any moment from now at the law court, because the six months grace period is due.