EPL is not killing Ghana football- Laryea Kingston

Former Black Stars midfielder Laryea Kingston says he disagrees with the notion that the foreign leagues being shown on local television channels, especially the English Premier League is to blame for the low interest towards the Ghana premier league.
Last week the Ghana Football Association Communications Director, Ibrahim Sannie Daara, called on the Parliament of Ghana to pass a law which will ban the telecast of foreign leagues on free to air channels like TV3, GTV among others.
But this according to Laryea is far from the solution. Laryea says Ghanaian can now afford pay television services like DSTV and can also watch these foreign leagues in pubs so there is no point banning it on free to air television.
“That will not be the solution. Everybody, both the rich and poor, wants to be associated with quality things. The foreign league which many people see as appealing and interesting did not come about in a twinkle of an eye. It came as a result of good planning a great packaging”, he said
“We need to make our league very attractive and entertaining once again, so much so that even when players end their contracts abroad they can come back to re-launch them here”, Laryea is quoted by Sportscrusader.com.
For Laryea, there is a lot of work that needs to be done in terms of making the local league one of the best on the continent. He added that “we need to look at those aspects rather than trying to stop the telecast of live foreign matches on tv. Clubs need to be more professional in their dealings with their coaches and players. They must find ways of getting money to buy quality players. Train on good pitches and make their home grounds more spectator-friendly. If these and many more are done, trust me the fans will come naturally”