Dzamefe Commission lashed out at FIFA, CAF

The Dzamefe Commission report has lashed out at FIFA, CAF and other international sporting organisations over what it terms “a systematic abuse of the passion of the citizenry of the world”.

The Commission of three , comprising of an Appeal Court judge,a finance expert and a law lecturer was set up by the president of Ghana to investigate and make recommendations on the circumstances leading to a mutiny by players of Ghana’s national football team,the Black Stars at the World Cup in Brazil last summer over delayed payment of their appearance fees.

The Commission’s report was released on Monday and took note of  the constant threat of a ban from FIFA that hung over their sitting  in their quest to gain answers from the Ghana Football Association (GFA).

In a brutal overview of the activities of these organisations, the report reaffirmed that “No international sporting organisation or its domestic affiliate body has the financial capacity to host their flagship tournament. eg. The winter and summer Olympics by the IOC and the junior and senior World Cup by FIFA. It is public funds of nation states that primarily execute these tournaments. CAF’s desperate search for an African nation state to host its flagship AFCON 2015 tournament more than substantiates the fact set out therein.

In a further riposte the report noted that public funds from states were employed to build infrastructure and promote grassroot development of the sporting disciplines which these international sporting organisations claimed monopoly.

The report  recommended that the government of Ghana should canvass for the setting up of a United Nations Agency for Sports (UNAS) to regulate the activity of international sports organisations.

The report took notice of the massive profits that are made by FIFA citing the imbalance in the monies spent by Brazil to host the World Cup and the over $4 billion FIFA walked away with in profits from the tournament while expressing it’s dissatisfaction with the $250,000  yearly financial support to FIFA member countries,calling it a “mere drop in the bucket”.

The report further stated  that urgent action was required of nation states to restore proper equilibrium in the relationship between themselves and domestic and international organisations.

It therefore recommended the  setting up of a presidential technical committee under the Ministry of Youth and Sports to undertake a comprehensive review of the international legal framework governing the operations of International Sporting organisations and their relationship with nation states is also recommended by the commission whose work has been met with mixed reception.