“I Don’t Laugh When The Job Is Not Yet Done”- Avram Grant

Black Stars head coach Avram Grant says his demeanor at the bench has nothing to do with what he has in mind when matches are ongoing; adding that he usually doesn’t like celebrating until after the final whistle.

Grant 52, who normally casts a gloomy posture on the bench during matches rarely celebrates even when his team scores a goal, says it’s something he has learnt to do based on experience.

“Football is played for 90 minutes or more and yet you see some coaches jumping and celebrating when their teams score one or two goals forgetting that anything can happen.”

“From experience, I do my celebrations once the job is done and I have all the three points or what I wanted from a particular match, in the bag. There is no point celebrating when you are not sure your team will win the match”, the coach mentioned.

He added that he show emotions usually when he is alone and away from the spotlight and his players.

“When we win or lose a match, everybody is happy or sad but I don’t show it. Sometimes I cry in my room when we lose an important match and celebrate as well when we win. But my demeanor on the pitch has got nothing to do with what is in my mind.”

“As a coach I have to concentrate on the match when its ongoing and show emotions after, so it’s a part of me that cant change.”