Did Cavani actually deserves a red card?

Uruguay coach Oscar Tabarez argued there was no evidence to justify Edinson Cavani’s red card against Chile on Wednesday, while he also took exception to Jorge Fucile’s expulsion.

Cavani was sent off in the 63rd minute after Chile central defender Gonzalo Jara theatrically fell to the ground following limited contact from the Uruguayan striker, while Fucile’s red card appeared obvious as the full-back slid two-footed into Alexis Sanchez.
Tabarez was also sent to the stands after disputing Fucile’s send-off.

Chile triumphed 1-0 in the Copa America quarter-final in Santiago, leaving Tabarez fuming at the treatment his side received from the referee.

“I wish to lose in another way,” Tabarez said after the match.

“I refer to the television replays. That’s the reality.”
Tabarez insisted Cavani did nothing wrong, with the striker’s shoulder appearing to brush the upper chest of Jara before the Mainz-based defender fell clutching his face in a delayed reaction.

“We knew where we were. We know it is likely that when a play is doubtful that the stands full of people can influence,” the 68-year-old coach said.

“But when things that determine an expulsion are even missing, then that leaves a bitter taste.”

Fucile and Tabarez were both sent off in the latter stages of the quarter-final after the former crunched Sanchez in front of Chile’s bench, with the full-back’s trailing leg colliding with the Arsenal forward’s knee but his coach insisted the red card was not necessary.

“I was wrong to leave the technical area but all I told the referee is that he expelled a player unnecessarily,” Tabarez said.