Di Maria in Home Invasion Scare

Manchester United star Angel Di Maria was the reported target of a terrifying raid on his home just hours after the Red Devils’ 3-1 victory over Leicester City.

According to the Sun (h/t Kieran Gill of the Mail Online), three armed figures used scaffolding poles in an attempt to force entry into the player’s house in Cheshire, but despite smashing the windows of the mansion, they left empty-handed after an alarm was triggered and they subsequently fled.

Di Maria helped United to a 3-1 win just hours before the attempted robbery.

The Argentina man was reportedly eating dinner with his family when the attack occurred, per Sam Relph of the Mirror. “They stole some metal poles from a neighbouring property and broke some windows attempting to get in but ran off before being able to enter the property,” said a source quoted in Relph’s article on what must have been a terrifying ideal.

The player, his wife and their daughter were quickly whisked away from the house in the aftermath of the incident by United’s security team and taken to a nearby hotel, according to Kent’s piece.

Di Maria has settled well to life in England.

Mike Keegan of The Daily Mail later reported that the club have placed security guards at the player’s house.

The Argentine was also closely followed by the club’s security staff as he left the hotel and according to Kent’s piece, images have consequentially surfaced of the player’s house with some windows boarded up.

Di Maria has settled well to life in England since becoming the most expensive player in the history of English football last summer.

United have looked a completely different side with the 26-year-old at the heart of their team and, although it’s undeniably a secondary concern to the well-being of him and his family, all associated with the club will be hoping this terrible incident doesn’t affect his on-field performances.

Cheshire police have confirmed an investigation is taking place.