David Beckham prefers watching rugby to football

David Beckham has surprisingly revealed that he prefers watching rugby more than football.

The former Manchester United and England player, speaking after a football tour for UNICEF, said he enjoyed watching the Rugby World Cup more than he does football matches.

For Beckham, it’s the atmosphere at Twickenham which won him over, something he said is very different to what he experienced in football over the years.

“I love rugby – I love watching it and I love the whole thing,” he told the Radio Times Christmas issue.

“I have enjoyed going to Twickenham more than I have enjoyed watching football… people sitting together with no nastiness.

“Football is so powerful, because it matters so much to people.”

Former England footballer David Beckham (C) watches the international rugby union match between England and Argentina at Twickenham

Beckham also said in the interview that he often felt “uneasy” going to watch Tottenham take on United as a child.

Meanwhile, Beckham said he was “relieved” when his son Romeo told him that he did not want to play football any longer.

David Beckham and his son, Romeo
David Beckham and his son, Romeo – Eurosport

“The other day Romeo turned round to me and said he didn’t want to play football any more,” he said.

“Part of me was devastated but part of me was relieved, too.

“He’s got other passions and I like that.”